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Google's Eye In The Sky Cosmo Pool Peekaboo

By JohnH on Monday, 9th August 2010 9:44pm
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File this one in the "About God Damn Time" cabinet. After three years of having to look at outdated satellite images of an unfinished Encore and City Center, it looks like Google Maps (and Earth, depending on which version you choose to use) has finally updated the its bird's eye views of Las Vegas.

Want to see what City Center really does look like from above? (Think cheap silver melting in the Nevada sun.) Go ahead. Ever wish you could have an eye in the sky look at Encore Beach Club without having to deal with thumping bass ruining your stay at Encore Tower Suites? Well, now you can.

Cosmopolitan Pool Deck

And most interestingly of all, we now have our first look at how the Strip-straddling pool complex at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is shaping up. Not a whole lot can really be said right now, seeing as the thing hasn't been landscaped and really just looks like a collection of angular shades of grey. However, since we at VT love irony (Get it? Grey angles--silver--iron--irony), we can't help but revel in the fact that the main pool triangle thingy looks eerily similar to the Prudential logo.

Now, knowing that the Cosmo is in fact owned by rival investment company Deutsche Bank, you think they would have designed that pool in the image of that company's logo. I guess there just isn't anything sexy or about a diagonal line in a box. Wow, we really did just try to make a joke about rival investment management companies and then somehow connect it to Vegas. Wow.

Anyway, go out and get acquainted and then subsequently bored with Google Maps' fresh update of the Las Vegas landscape. Enjoy. Thanks to uber-internet ferret mac72Buick440 for the tweettip.

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Comments & Discussion:

While playing around after seeing this, it seems like PH Towers also has a pretty descent pool setup.

My fave is Steve Wynn's dog park.

If you look at the small print, you'll see that Wynn and Encore labels are on the opposite buildings.

Holy crap. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what hotel's pool has a lazy river then I realized it was the Monte Carlo's. It's pretty much inside CityCenter now. Heh.
And I like how ARIA's pools are a literally a hop from the interstate. So...if you ever got drunk and wanted to shove someone over the fence...and into reeling traffic....you can.
That could be a advertising point for ARIA.

Also...the BANK Nightclub is Cosmo's pool

I saw this the other day too while trying to figure out how many miles I typically walk on the strip, pretty cool. You can really see how some resorts look complete and taken care of while others look hodge podge. It is sad to see all the stalled projects though, especially at the North end of the strip.

Now I know why it feels like such a hike getting to the Strip from Aria.

Expose the cosmopolitan / Deutsche bank scandal . Deutsche bank has already stolen $100 million from innocent purchasers and is lying to Clark county as well as suckers booking rooms about their casino (it won't be ready "maybe" until mid 2011). They have lied to media, condo victims and future guests for 5 years now. Deutsche bank is still being sued by countless buyers and latest stories indicate they will lose - wirse they know nothing about hospitality, integrity, and gratitude. Boycott cosmo and Deutsche bank - what they have done is pure scam at the center of the strip - read the public complaints - it's all verifiable - including the foundation and water hazard dangers and debacle never disclosed to condo purchasers.

I particularly like looking at the adult pool at Caesar's

This picture reveals that Cosmo will be adding that stuff to their pool that will make your pee turn blue. Dont pee in the pool.

Hey Honestabe777, STFU.

Yeah, Vespajet, you just said that. It's verifiable.

the main reason why you don't get updated photos too frequenty is that the strip is right under/next to the final approach for the southwest/northeast runways. McCarran probaby doesn't have set "push" times and set slow times for banks of arrivals & departures - it's probaby all one big push that runs into the next one, so it's tough to get a low flying aircraft to do photo runs at low altitude in order to update the online maps.

Took a pic of the cosmo through the dirty windows of planet hollywood. I must say, it looks better from the sky than the ground. http://eastcoastgambler.posterous.com/cosmopolitan-pools-from-my-room

@BigHoss, Honestabe777 has posted a similar comment in another article regarding the Cosmopolitan (Of Las Vegas):

If this user wants to discuss the issues regarding the property, doing a drive-by of an article that happens to mention the property is not the way to do it. If Honestabe777 really wants to open up a dialogue with the members here and engage in constructive discourse, instead of posting in a manner that is akin to a spammer, they ought to post this as a topic in the Chit-Chat Boards.

^^ I was agreeing with you. And I agree with your response, too.

When I first read it this morning, I was half asleep and misinterpreted it and when I got around to posting a response this afternoon I wrote my post based on my misinterpretation.

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