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Cosmopolitan To Put Art In Your Pocket

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 9th August 2010 2:40pm
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Whereas City Center's public art program aims to fill nooks, vaults and pocket parks with gigantic thought provoking artwork like Henry Moore's Reclining Connected Forms, new neighbors Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are taking an entirely different tack... putting artwork in YOUR pockets.

When it opens in December 2010, the Cosmopolitan will have six Art-O-Mats - repurposed and refurbished vintage cigarette machines - which sell similarly sized custom designed works of art for only a few bucks.

A comparison could be made that Aria's large scale artworks are Guggenheim as Cosmopolitan's Art-O-Mat's are a curated gumball machine meets Etsy. If art imitates life, and life is like a box of chocolates...

See the Art-O-Mat in action:

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Comments & Discussion:

It appears that Cosmo's going all artsy-fartsy on us too. I was just reading this article in the New York Times, which informs of Yoko Ono's video art that's presently being shown on the Cosmo marquee.

As you probably guessed, Yoko's predictable offering consists of the text, "Imagine Peace" written in different languages while Lennon's "Imagine" plays in the background. Here's hoping that Cosmo's opening will NOT include a naked bed-in featuring Yoko and Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin.

I tried an Art-O-Mat at an art museum once. I got some weird piece of stained glass that looked like a Christmas ornament made by a blind preschooler. Art-O-Mats are tacky and overpriced, so maybe they should be at the Venetian instead of the Cosmopolitan.

$5.00 for an ugly keychain? How about I just kick you in the balls and let you keep $2.50?

What is the impetus for a device like the Art-O-Mat? Is it to "make art more accessible like the video says? Is it a conversation piece to draw people to the resort? Or is it a set piece to make hipsters feel more comfortable they made the right choice of hotels?

This looks weird but weird enough for me to take a chanc eon the machine after the opening

Yoko Ono??!! Damn. I had high hopes for this place, but that's immediate and mandatory grounds to forever cross Cosmo off my list. Subjecting gamblers to "Imagine" oughta be a crime in itself, but piling on with a video marquee from that hectoring purse-lipped shrew is beyond the pale. She's the absolute antithesis to the notion of fun. Talk about the ultimate "cooler."

Nice little conversation pieces for late nite in the Vesper lounge. More outside the box thinking by Cosmo. Keep it coming.

How about a shotglass-o-mat that dispenses all the shot glasses from that group of hotels? Put it in the IP or Circus Circus and I might have a reason to go in.

I kind of like how Chris obviously begins to stumble over his words and kinds even smirks a bit after unraveling his disappointing magic mini-art. Wow! You got yellow tissue paper... Winner winner porcelain-olive-keychain dinner.

Where's Ashton Kutcher? We are being punkd, right?

I personally can't get enough of the Cosmo. I have super high hopes for this place, as I do for the Trop. In retrospect, I never had this excitement about Aria and I can only hope Vegas is learning from the CityCenter mistake.

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