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Rumor Mill: Cosmo To Join AmEx Fine Hotel and Resort Listing

By JohnH on Thursday, 5th August 2010 2:58pm
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Fresh off the presses, a little birdie has told us that the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is actively negotiating with American Express to join the exquisitely exclusive Fine Hotels and Resorts program for American Express Platinum and Centurion cardholders. As a disclaimer, this article contains forward-looking statements under the Safe Harbor Federal Securities Laws we can only report that the Cosmo is just negotiating for the distinction and has not yet inked an official deal with AmEx.

Now, why is this in any way shape or form important? Well, it is absolutely fantastic to know that if you're throwing down the $450 annual fee for the Platinum card, you have yet another late-checkout, $100 food and beverage or spa credit, and possible free upgrade at check-in-laden hotel option to choose from when planning your Vegas trip.

However, the more telling sign--and the real gold in this news nugget--is that this revelation signals the Cosmo's intentions to become a major player in the Vegas luxury market. This isn't going to be a middle of the road joint, folks. If this all pans out and Cosmo joins the program, we're going to see it compete directly against Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Four Seasons, and Mandarin Oriental; we're going to see a new luxury player go after all of the marbles. This is going to be fun.

The other telling sign in all of this is that after almost a year of operation, we've seen the Cosmo actively pursue and come close to achieving membership in this exclusive club, but haven't seen MGM's crowning jewel-cum-albatross, Aria, even attempt to gain inclusion get in the door. Where Cosmo looks to be doing things correct right out of the gate, you shave everyone's favorite Caesar Pelli-designed punching bag lagging behind yet again. Gee, if you really needed any more evidence to prove that Cosmo is probably going to be light years ahead of Aria in terms of elegance, service, and general good resort vibes, this is it. Score another win for Cosmo and yet another loss for Aria.

If all this does pan out, though, and Cosmo inks a deal to become Vegas's newest Fine Hotel and Resort, congratulations are in order. The property will be listed next to the Ritz in Paris, Bacara in Santa Barbara, the St. Regis in New York and a myriad of the world's finest hotels as one of the most exceptional on earth. It's a bit hyperbolic, yeah, but this is a big deal and they deserve some kudos. God, if you couldn't already tell that we can't wait to see this place, what more do you need?

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Comments & Discussion:

I suspect that aspirations aside, it will be a middle of the road joint simply by virtue of the market's demands.

The luxury market on Las Vegas Blvd has been shooting at the fences for the past five years. Now the fences are shooting back.

I think that's not an accurate assumption. If you look, really look, at how this place is shaping up and go through their intentions, materials, etc...they are going for something far from middle of the road. And I believe that with the customer service and other things I've seen behind the scenes so far, they may just pull it off.

AM I the only one who is way more excited for the Cosmo than I ever was for CityCenter? It seems like these people have their head on straight and are doing things the right way. I can't wait for this place to open.

FHR also lists the Venetion and TheHotel so nice mid market must be OK with Amex. Probably not Sahara level but not necessarily the Four Seasons

Psilberman: Lest we forget, the Venetian is a AAA Five Diamond Award-winning property. Now we can have a discussion on whether or not thame has any realistic bearing in terms of a true luxury guest experience, but in terms of marketable luxury, having a major travel company's highest distinction to your name is (A) a sign that the hotel is a bit more than middle of the road and (B) it probably belongs in FHR. The Hotel, though, I can't really explain...

I think Cosmo LV will do fine, although I don't think it's going to be competing with MO, Wynn, or Encore past the first 6 months. Maybe if it was just a hotel that was competing with MO, I might buy it. But as a full service resort, with casino, I think they are going to find a very steep learning curve for their intended product. I hope I'm wrong, but there is a science to high end luxury mixed with casino comps. At the end of the day too, they are also competing with Wynn, MGM, and LVS who for all of their faults still have a pretty good idea of how to maintain their high level base.

cool, I was totally hoping for another overpriced hotel. Hope it's just as successful as City Center!

I think the real question mark here seems to be the casino. The restaurants, the rooms, the partnerships and premier location all have the feel of a place on the strip that will knock it out of the park. However, as the lone beacon of independence on the strip, what will the gaming be like?

I know, crazy question, thinking about gambling at a Las Vegas hotel and casino? But is the Cosmo going to be aligning itself with Harrah's 6:5 nightmare, or the $25 minimums that grace the Bellagio? Is it going to have a poker room stacked with chairs so tight you can't fart without knocking over a stack? Am I going to constantly circle the same two craps tables while walking by empty tables of Caribbean Stud, 3 Card Switch, Casino War, Casino Dominoes, Pick a Number One Through Ten, etc?

I for one am seriously relying on a full report from the boys (and girls?) and VegasTripping before booking...

that 1200 sq ft suite with 480 sq ft balcony with a pretty functional looking layout in the middle of the strip and independent of these other corps looks pretty damn tempting to me.

This is truly excellent news. Anyone that stays in any of the higher end Vegas properties more than once per year who isn't already RFB absolutely needs a Platinum card for the FHR benefits alone. Beyond their negotiated amenities, they've more recently been sending comped nights and offers as "gifts" to cardholders.

The singular biggest "amenity" that just about all Las Vegas hotels have been missing for decades is a late checkin/checkout option.

So many visitors come into town, don't arrive until late in the day, and don't fly out until even later in the day. If nothing else, just fly-in visitors from the West Coast would KILL for that option. Fly in after work, not arriving before 9 PM. Fly out at 9 PM on departure day, wanting to enjoy (rest, pass out, whatever) the room until they need to head to the airport.

But on that note, I continue to be in shock that the businesses who work in travel and tourism (promoting it) actually keep 9-5 hours. Um... DUH.

In my 17 years here, I wouldn't need all my hand and fingers to count anything important that happened before 1 PM.

BTW... I'm betting that PLENTY of maids (and similar) would work a swing shift to prepare "late checkout" rooms. The ones that don't have kids. The ones that don't want to fight traffic. The ones who would love to enjoy the same schedule as their friends on swing shift.

Swing shift here is still the most important shift, and most populated (most amount working) among the important casino employees -- the stretch of time when the most tourists are having fun. The biggest crowd of "after work" enjoyment that takes place in local's joints catering to resort workers in this town are often busy from 2-5 AM.

Forget about Camp Vegas. How about:

"Las Vegas - We LOVE Checking Out When WE Are Ready To End The Party"

Atlanta, GA in the middle of the week? You need normal check-in and check-out times. Same with Columbus, OH.

Las Vegas, NV? How about doing a few things on "tourist time"?

Just a thought...

@ndfanwabashman - Cosmo will have no poker room.

But yes, this does all seem rather exciting. An easily accessible casino on the strip, a growing presence on twitter, decent looking rooms, and these mysterious gaming cabanas. I can say I can't wait to visit at the end of the year.

Hopefully they'll join up with Virtuoso as well for those of us that prefer the AMEX Gold instead.

AccessVegas: What you say makes alot of sense... but think of how much money resorts probably make off people straggling around between their check out and late flight? I know I'm certainly more inclined to spend money on a meal or gamble when I'm "homeless" and have no intermediary place to rest or just get my thoughts and things together. People simply accept the current system because it's the only system they know, and the resorts certainly aren't going to shake things up because quite frankly the last thing they want is you in your room not spending money. As we've seen with the resort fee craze, most operators are more interested in underhanded ways to milk money from you than actually innovate on service or amenities.

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