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Now Booking The New Rooms at Wynn Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th August 2010 5:19pm
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Get out your credit cards Wynn fanboys, the new rooms at Wynn are coming at the end of this month.

VT reader chicell started an interesting topic to the Board corralling tons of details about the Wynn room refresh from their latest earnings call.

In his post, he points out that the Panoramic Rooms are currently unavailable online which means that the renovations are currently underway and starting from the top down.

Searching the Wynn reservation system reveals that the first date that the Panoramic View rooms become be available again for booking is on Sunday August 29th, for the low low price of $184/night.

This whole thing totally doesn't jibe with what we have been told by the Wynn PR machine (final decisions last week), but we wouldn't put it past them to purposefully try and get us to stop snooping around.

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I would be very interested to know how true this rumor is as I have several rooms booked for my family and I there in mid September.They all have panoramic rooms booked.Would make me very happy for there first experience at the Wynn to be in a newly redone room.Any word on the tower side getting redone?

From chicell's original post:

"They will spend 46 million on Tower suites, 45 million on Resort rooms, and 10 million on Villas."

That's approximately $76,000 PER Tower Suite. These are going to be some *nice* accommodations when they're finished. As for the Villas, I'd be curious if the figure includes the 11 ground floor Fairways (excluding Wynn's own newly redone digs) and six Apartment Villas. I have my doubts since the mega high roller accommodations see occupancy rates around 40% and those guests are hardly ever in the rooms to begin with. Consider Bellagio and Mirage's Villas - they still look good as new after all these years.

That said, the 23 remaining Villas come out to a staggering $435,000 per unit. If that's really the case, we'd probably be looking at Ming Dynasty antiques, world class art on the walls, and a room that will more than likely only be available through casino.

Hopefully, they can get the trim on the coffee tables to stick this time. Hows about it, Stevsie?

Hmmm...is it a sign from God that I should book a room since they're opening them up on my birthday.

I think it might be!!

I realize everyone is excited about the redone rooms, but are we really expecting anything dramatically different. My impression was the rooms will be much the same only new again.

Yea there is really no way to tell for sure what will be changing or when the rooms will be opening but considering the amount of money being spent it should be pretty cool. The way Steve was talking it sounds like they are going to be upgrading the finishes... I wonder if the rooms will be nicer at Wynn than Encore after that.

Was planning on visiting the Tower Suites in Feb but I may delay that trip to April or May to check out the new Diggs.

I wonder if they'll get away from the chocolates and go with the deep red of both Encores or maybe head to something more whimsical like shades of orange/yellow/gold. As the Steve's eyesight fades, he might like the brighter colors as they are easier for him to admire.

Get rid of the horrible orange color, ugly carpet on the hallways, and add some high-tech (like MO) in the rooms. Better AC system would also be great. As for the tower suites, a steam shower in the salon suites would be a great feature. With the rest of the money they can add some new artworks and better finishings.

I heard they're only replacing the sheets and the cocaine mirrors.

Maybe that cash is just replacing all the customer stolen goods?

Just saw this posted on the flyertalk las vegas forum-
"The layout is the same but the color palate is lighter -- sands, taupes, white desk chair, sofa, coffee table.... in room technology is being update to match Encore; bedside and entry foyer controls of lights, drapes etc.

The hideous carpet is being replaced as are the wall coverings and art in the hallways."
Would love to see a pic if anyone gets one.Thanks!

Does anyone know what they are doing with the old furniture? Will they sell it?

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