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Plaza, Vegas Club Set For Renovations

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th August 2010 4:10pm
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Straight from the "We'll Believe It When We See It" files comes news from Carson City, Nevada (via the Las Vegas Sun) that incoming manager of The Plaza, Vegas Club and Western casinos - Anthony F. Santo - has revealed that the fledgling casinos will be target of numerous upgrades after takes over the reigns for Tamares.

Included in the upgrades are $20m to completely renovate all of the rooms at The Plaza (which will be renamed its previous name Union Plaza. Vegas Club will have a "theme change" which probably means the end of the quasi-sports bar thing for something more contemporary and possibly a redesign of the casino floor and interior decor. The Western's upgrades will consist of new TITO slot machines and the elimination of coin buckets.

Downtown is definitely approaching a state of "invest or die" as the economic recession appears to be showing little signs of reversing for Las Vegas tourism. For a great assessment of the current state of downtown's casinos, I urge you to check out Jeff 'Moon Man' Simpson's Downtown Blues (Part 1) over on Two Way Hard Three and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 coming this week.

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Comments & Discussion:

Can we start a pool on what will happen first, the Lady Luck reopening, the (Union) Plaza gets its' rooms upgraded, or Vegas Club gets rethemed?

Based on what I saw while walking the site of the Lady Luck two weeks ago the poor girl is beyond the morgue.

I can't speak on the Western as I've never set foot in the place out of mortal fear, but if ever there were ever a pair of casinos in need of either renovation or demolition it's The Plaza and Vegas Club. Those joints make the Imperial Palace look like Encore. They're sadder every time I pass through them. Don't get me wrong, I hope for the best. I'd love to see this come to fruition, but I will believe it when I see it.

I think the Las Vegas Club is so sad nowadays, they should change the name to the Heartbreak Hotel. I may be hallucinating, but I think in the northwest area of the Las Vegas Club there is a group of special baseball bats in a display case. It seems to me that every time I go in there, some of the bats have been taken out of the case. Sold on ebay for $34.95, I fear.
I love the Las Vegas Club.

20 million dollars won't buy enough of those little pine tree air fresheners to cover the stench in the Las Vegas Club.

The only purpose the Western serves is keeping the zombie fringe out of El Cortez and the other DT casinos, and that's a notable contribution, don't get me wrong.

I stopped by one afternoon last summer because I was intrigued by the sight of a casino using garbage cans to keep its front doors open. It's definitely in a class by itself, I'll give it that, but not quite the charmingly colorful place I was hoping for.

To be fair, I was stone-cold sober when I went there so I wasn't holding up my end of the bargain. You gotta be "game on" to give a place like that a proper shake.

Why paint a turd?

The (Union) Plaza has 1036 rooms (some sources say 1037) and theoretically the cost of the room renovations (I wonder if they'll be using one of the proposals they were looking at a few years ago?) comes out to $19,305.01 per room. I'm guessing that the actual budget for the regular rooms will be more along the lines of $10-12K per room (depending on the number of beds), with the suites being more around $22-25K per room.

I'll pop into the Western once in a while when I want to play old school VP (with old-school odds) using real coins.

Something about using real coins and drinking dirt-cheap drinks reminds me of when I rolled into town dirt broke in 1993.

The danger of the Western is over-rated. Years ago, I used to park at Plaza and work my way down to the Western ($1 blackjack) and back in the late hours of the night with no issues. Granted, I wouldn't do it if I were female.

I don't know if the Plaza is salvageable. They would have to do what was done with El Cortez. Keep/restore the old school charm (which they have since wrecked) while upgrading it to make it a nice place to stay and play.

Are the people who stay at the Plaza really clamoring for upgrades? I'm assuming most of them do not have a computer to read the news of the upcoming(?) renovations. Are these places charging by the hour yet? Downtown needs a truly fresh idea. The Experience raised the downtown profile for a hot minute, and anything short of something that groundbreaking will not help.

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