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Shhhhh ARIA To Host Flash Mob On Friday!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th August 2010 3:23pm
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The first key to a successful flash mob is to not let anyone know that you are doing it until you are actually doing it. The second key to a successful flash mob is to not do them every six months. The third key to a successful flash mob is to not do them if your competitor across the street invented and perfected the casino floor flash mob to the tune of 2,000,000 views on YouTube.

So, with that information in hand, we alert you to the news that there will be a "flash mob" at ARIA, this Friday August 6th, originating at the Pinyon Ballroom (go upstairs and down the hall past the Viva Elvis theatre.) If you want more information ask this guy.

Being dicks, we would like to ghost organize an anti-flash mob flash mob, which will gather outside of the Pinyon Ballroom at 5:30pm, with the sole purpose of diluting and destroying the choreography of said flash mob by performing improvised choreography which consists tackling and beating up actual flash mob participants.

Counting the days until Vegas opens a Flash Mob Museum.

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Comments & Discussion:

What is a flash mob?

a seemingly random gathering of people who do something unexpected together so that non participants are rendered confused.

Whats a flash mob?...a giant gathering of losers with nothing better to do...

Pre-planning kills the "flash" and leaves just the "mob".

If you're "producing" it, is it really a mob? Aren't mobs by definition anarchic? (Besides the "organized" kind, of course)

Is it gonna be a flash mob of whacky dancing...or is it going to be a flash mob of people dropping there pants and mooning....becasue the mooning is what I want to see

I thought they wanted to get rid of the mob in Vegas?

Hopefully I'll be in town by then to catch the action/bullshit.

Flash! Ahhh! Saviour of the Universe!

At least there might finally be more than 6 people at Aria. They would've had it at Crystals, but there would be no witnesses to confirm that it happened.

Maybe they can bring in Dirty Harry Reid's 22,000 construction workers that built the place........ We all know most of them arent doing anything else right now.

Guess people have nothing better to do in Vegas. What a dumb waste of time!

Haven't heard anything more about this, so I assume it went over like ... well a dumb idea that's already been done once?

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