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MOON Las Vegas Updates Website

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th August 2010 5:44am
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Moon World Resorts

The folks responsible for that wacky "Moon World Resort" idea that has been floating around Las Vegas for about 8 years have completely redesigned and upgraded their website.

If you've never heard of this monument to Vegas dreamery, you are in for a wonderful treat. The names of the resorts venues (the 'Moon River Jazz Bar') are guaranteed to rise at least half of a corny smirk on your lips. It is also worth nothing that Moon Las Vegas is fellow Vegas Gangster Jeff Simpson's favorite mythical Las Vegas resort!!! Personally, I'm partial to Las Vegas Wet, mostly because I want to swim in a slot machine with giant plastic dice, but Moon is definitely my second fave.

Check it out at MoonWorldResorts.com.

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Comments & Discussion:

looks like they're shifting focus from vegas to the bahamas.

when you go navigate over to "tour" and click to get renderings, the window that opens up reads "moon bahamas" in the title.

Cheesy as it is, I would have rather had this then City Center.

Perhaps this would be a fitting new location for The Star Trek Experience!!

Viva la moon! Back when you guys were doing trivia on the podcast I was going to submit a question listing a bunch of hypothetical Moon resort features like zero-g buggy rides and animatronic Buzz Aldrins and asking which were actually promised and which were fake. That was the beauty of Moon. It defied all common sense.

it may "defy all common sense", but i would much rather check out this place in vegas than most of the other resorts that have been built in the past 5 years.

i can't by any stretch of the imagination envision this costing only $5 billion. anyone know any more dumb-ass shieks in Dubai with several billion to spend?

i also think they'll need to update the video - i can't picture them hosting anything by 2012.

Honestly, i wish it could be built (on a small scale, not the mega-huge scale it seems to be considering) so it could be a GIANT middle finger to the Themeless hotels all standing around it.

I'm still waiting for STARSHIP ORION to launch. That's without a doubt my favorite unbuilt casino.

woud it be wrong to have an animatronic Ralph Cramden standing on the corner, punching Alice and knocking her onto the property?

What a great idea! They should stick this one next to Uranus (or Fontainebleu).

YES YES YES. How awesome is that museum? It's like where Homer Simpson worked for Scorpio. I loved the location that just said T & Counting.

"Nothing holds more of an interest than our closest celestial body, the Moon" F*ck and yes Sandra Matthews, your mom jeans can take me wherever you'd like to go. Meet you at the Discotheque.

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