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Treasure Island Players Club Now Online

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010 4:56am
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TI Players Club

I guess we should've expected this to happen in conjunction with the launch of Mlife, but Treasure Island's Players Club has launched online access at tiplayersclub.com. Don't worry, if you don't have a TI Players Club card, your old MGM Mirage Players Club Card should work.

Some good news, points expire after 12 months of no activity as opposed to a 12 month rolling expiration... which makes good sense as nearly all of the junk in the Treasure Chest rewards selection requires a mythic number of points to snag... including this Danby Kegerator (which retails for $539 on Amazon.com).


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Comments & Discussion:

If you do the math these prizes are outrageous, a 32" Samsung LCD TV for 479550 points, which according to their FAQ works out to $719,325 coin-in on a slot machine ($1.50=1 point), yet that TV sells at Best Buy for $540.

It's even worse for VP, they say it's every $4.50 for each point, but $15 for select VP machines (I assume the ones with a decent schedule) so even at $4.50 per point that means over $2.1M coin-in to get a TV.

Or if you're hungry you can get 4 11oz steaks from Omaha Steaks for a bargain 55950 points, a modest $83,952 coin-in on the slots.

This seems like an attempt at subliminally inducing people to leave more tokes for the dealers. Tip layers club, indeed.

haha these prizes are rediculous. Brings new meaning to "Going to blow the college fund in vegas". I like the kegger though, admittedly. And at first upon hearing the "12 months of inactivity" rule, I was actually somewhat pumped for this.

This definitely gives you a peek inside Ruffin's mind. Granted, he was smart enough to buy low and sell high without leveraging himself to the moon in quest of empire like other megalomaniacs in town.

But he's gotta be the biggest tightwad in Vegas, if his upkeep of the New Frontier for a decade is any indication. And now his young wife has dumped millions into a luxury spa and boutique at TI that are never going to make money now that Phil is courting the bottomless-Busch and pizza-by-the-slice crowd again. THAT's gotta be driving him crazy. Ergo, if you want a free TV from Phil it's gonna cost you 700 grand coin-in! And that's just hilarious...

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