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Prowler Loose At Wynn?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010 4:01am
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You learn a lot when reading hotel reviews posted on Trip Advisor, particularly the lousy ones. I had no idea that - according to disgruntled Wynn Las Vegas visitors - there was an infestation of bed bugs in the hotel, they repeatedly bump overbooked guests over to Treasure Island or that that the nightclub scene has destroyed peace and quiet nights sleep all the way up to the top floor.

One of the most horrific stories found in the annals of the one star reviews is a thrice repeated horror story wherein someone - possibly a Wynn employee inside job - has apparently been breaking into rooms stealing valuables. Yikes!

Posted by hannspreevip on May 27, 2010:

On our second day there we heard a loud knock on our door. We had pressed the privacy button so we thought that was extremely odd. I go to the peep hole and I don't see anyone out there. I go back to the couch and get up again to take a look outside, just in case they were out of vision from the peephole. As I look through the peephole I see a hotel employee walking down the aisle then at the last minute making a bee line to our room. He starts to focus on peephole and when he doesn't see any daylight (because I'm looking through it) he starts to runaway. I then open the door and ask him if he was knocking on my door. He says no and acts nevously, but then says it was probably the maid down the hall.

The following day, our 3rd and last day, we have breakfast downstairs and return to pack our bags. Once fully packed we decide to walk across the way to Fashion Mall and do some last minute shopping. We leave all our bags near the door. We close the door, make sure it wont open and leave the privacy indicator on as usual. When we come back my camera bag is missing with all of my professional camera equipment.

Their security division just contacted me and said that they don't have any record of our door being open and basically that there is no claim. So in essence, since they don't have record of their door being open then my bag just disappeared into thin air.

Posted by cathyscottmd on June 4, 2010:

Our room was broken into while we were at the pool within 6hrs of us being there and The Wynn has done NOTHING about it!!!! One of their employees used their card key to get into our room and they stole our money, credit cards, wedding ring, camera, HAIR CLIPPERS, etc.......Security says we should have had everything in the in-room safe therefore they will not reimburse us for ANY of the stolen items. "how do we fit all our belongings into the room safe?" I asked "if there wasn't enough room in the in-room safe you should have utilized the other safe we make available to our guests which are downstairs" they said. Tell me......was I supposed to put my clothes, camera, shampoo, etc....all in the safe too???? Security says no UNAUTHORIZED (key word) people were in our room after we checked in.

Posted by livluvmom on June 8, 2010:

we were just at Wynn for the 3rd time. All the other years have been great experiences. This year was a disaster! While we were out of the room, just like the other review, someone came in and stole a very expensive handbag! They did nothing about it! They said we should lock all valuables in the safe. Well, the safe is tiny and it holds next to nothing! They read some stupid script and say they are not responsible. If the housekeeping doesn't admit to it or they don't catch them, you are screwed! The risk management department is the worse! Nobody there cares...and they try and blame you.

So, what is your hotel horror story? Have you ever had your stuff stolen from the pool? Ever woken up with an intruder in your room? Ever had all your electronics poached from your suite while downstairs in the casino? Tell us - where, when and how!

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Comments & Discussion:

With 4750 rooms in the Wynncore complex, there is bound to be some bad apples in there who do have access and certainly do have the abilty to steal personal belongings. But tripadvisor is the travels wikipedia, I take everything written on that site with a grain of salt. Anybody can go on there and write anything they want. Didn't it come out a few years back that a lot of reviews that were geared toward a one star review of Wynn and then the guest praising the MEGACENTER(tm)came from a Sands Corp IP address?

Also if these claims are true, it certainly isn't in Wynns nature to tell people to eff off, lock up your shit, ask for the bigger safe. I have a feeling they would certainly look into it further than just asking the maid if they took it. If I was truly looking to run a smear campaign on a resort hotel, step one is get everything in writing ( the post incident stuff) step two is post it to sites like tripadvisor and vegastripping and prove your claim. Say hey this is what happened, this is what they said, and here is the proof, where is my stuff. Now the whole world sees that you have proof of that claim, yea your stuff won't be back but it will get there attention and possibly will get the claim reevaluated and possible resolved differently.

Sounds like a smear campaign to me, too.

I've heard these type of reviews for Wynn on other sites. I know the tendency of a lot of Wynn fans is to believe that nothing like this could happen, or that they wouldn't handle it in that way. The fact is whatever Wynn's philosophy on service is there is no way of knowing what one surly security guard in response to this might be capable of. While I take these stories with a grain of salt, I would be a bit concerned in regards to this, whether I was the Wynn corporation or just a consumer looking to book a hotel stay.

LoL. I thought I had a suitcase stolen once. I freaked out, called the head of housekeeping at Caesars Palace, filed a claim, and then the next day, my husband and I got wasted at the Shadow Bar, came back up to the room, and he found the suitcase....under the bed. I called housekeeping and told them it was my stupid fault I was drunk.

These claims seem pretty dubious. Since there's a record of which key card enters the room, it would be pretty easy to track the culprit. In the first case, are we to believe that a Wynn employee somehow disabled the door lock, entered the room, took a camera bag, and then walked around with it for the rest of their shift? Wouldn't someone else have seen that?

Trip Advisor is a riot. The typos, overuse of exclamatory punctuation, and general hysteria make for great entertainment. Here's my take on a typical TA review:

DO NOT stay at Winn hotel! When my DH and I tried to check in the girl was rude and said they had to put $9,000 on our credit card to cover incidentals! When we asked to see a manager, he said there was nothing he could do about it, and then he spit in my face!

When we got to the room it was filthy! There was a black hair on the pillow, a condom wrapper on the desk, and most of the oil from the BP oil spill was in our bathtub! We called the front desk, and the woman on the phone laughed and called me a dirt leg whore!

And there was no refrigerator and I am a diabetic! And no coffee maker in the room, and they charge $58 for a small cup in the lobby what a ripoff! Luckily there is a Walgreens right next door and we bought a styrofoam cooler and a coffee maker and I spent the rest of the day brewing Chock Full O Nuts and injecting myself with insulin. Whew!

Do not eat at there restaurants either! There restaurant is called Wing Lay and its Chinese and they charge so much you can't even afford to eat there but luckily their is a mall right across the street from Winn called Fashion Girl mall and its got a Panda Express so we got my favorite orange chicken yum!!!

When we got back to the room there was a prowler who was wearing my underwear and sprinkling black hairs on our pillows and stealing our video camera and gold coin collection and he raped my DH and ate my insulin. DO NOT STAY AT WINN CASINO!!! STAY AT ELLIS ISLAND THEY HAVE A $5.99 STEAK DINNER SPECIAL!!!

I think its possible bad things can happen at Wynn, although overall they have a great operation and are "5 Star" as an above poster mentioned they do have nearly 5k rooms. That said I think the claim that someone went into the room with an employee key and stole is highly unlikely, security would easily be able to see who entered the room and when. If that employee did indeed steal they would be fired and possibly prosecuted, the last thing Wynn wants is people getting their shit stolen and writing about it online.

Misnomer - you made me laugh like a crazy person with your fake review. Priceless.

On one trip to Encore, I arrived well before check-in time and my room wasn't ready--understandable. So I took my valuables, including notebook, out of the luggage before checking it with the bellstand and then went to the cage to secure a safe deposit box. Between trying to get a cashier's attention to open the safe room, signing out a box without having a room number assigned and requesting an oversized box to fit the computer, it was an ordeal. Of course, I knew they wouldn't accept liability had the items been taken from my checked luggage, so I was persistent, but they didn't make it easy.

Misnomer, absolutely classic review.

A "borrowed" Wynn staff uniform and pass key sure sounds like every professional thief's wet dream. Could a staffer be in cahoots with a pro? Sure, anything's possible, but... I take gripes over at tripadvisor with a grain of salt. Losing gamblers can get a little cranky. (I know--it's hard to believe!)

I wonder how many guys get ripped off by sticky-fingered hookers (who WILL clean you out if you so much as blink, and God help you if fall asleep before they're out the door. Or so I'm told.) and then report in a room "break-in" the next day to cover up their own stupidity.

Drake hit the jackpot with the second paragraph. It's amazing how a story changes when someone sees CCTV footage of them heading off to their room with a woman who's not their wife.

Misnomer, I want to read more fake reviews!

Misnomer - I'm pretty sure they took her curlers, too, along with one of the sweaters she made by hand for her precious little Chihuahua, ChiChi.

I think I was the victim of shenanigans at Wynncore. Dealer kept getting 20s and I kept busting. Lost thousands.

I definitely agree that sites like Trip Advisor and even Yelp are the travel equivalent of Wikipedia. There's no method in which the reviews and comments can be substantiated and if there's a review that seems completely out of place within a recent date range (I go by the last 60-90 days, as this gives a more accurate picture than a review older than that.). As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

I find the idea of in-room thefts in these days of key cards to be something a bit hard to believe. I remember back in November when I stayed at the Golden Nugget and my safe malfunctioned, when the maintenance guys showed up to check it out, a security guard accompanied them and I had to show ID to him (What was funny is that he had been told the wrong guest name and had to radio the front desk to double check.) before they were allowed to enter (I guess in case I had gotten the key surreptitiously and was trying to rob the contents of the room.).

One thing I've laughed about in some reviews on Trip Advisor is when people complain about slow check-in when they're arriving late in the evening (Folks arriving off of flights that get in between 10 and midnight and arrive at their hotel between 11 PM and 1 or 2 AM.). If you don't want to stand in line for 20-30 minutes in order to check in, perhaps you should have gotten an earlier flight. At that time of the night, there's never more than 2 desk clerks at many properties and at some, they may have one that works the overnight shift (Or it could be somewhere like the Golden Gate that has one desk clerk at all times.). If they think that wait is something, they ought to see those lines at 3-4 PM to check-in and that's with multiple desk clerks.

Believe what you will, but I will say this: In conflicts like this, any business will side with their employees over the customer. I stopped going to a video rental business in my area back in the day, because I kept being on the hook to re-purchase merchandise thanks to one of the underlings' sticky fingers.

Great review misnomer!Thank you for the laugh.

misnomer i don't even think that review was fake, ha it sounds too real to be fake.

I'll be in vegas next weekend, I'm going to win the Lion's Share for you.


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