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TropTripping: Caption This

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd August 2010 12:44am
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Check out the Trop's brand new porte cochere entrance. Do you remember remember the previous? I barely recognize it... amazing.

Tropicana Contest

You know the guy in the white shirt is thinking something... tell us what.


Comments & Discussion:

As he looks at the girl in the green shorts:

"Oh my God....A female under 60 years old at the Tropicana? Wow, this place has changed! I wonder if she plays volleyball."

Holy crap, where are all the hookers that used to hang out here when Columbia Sussex was running the place into the ground?

"Yes, that's a giant red "T" in my pants, AND I'm happy to see you."

"See this stack of chips I'm playing with in my hands? I've got more where that came from. Wait, no taxis?"

"Ummm...if only I was 20 years younger. And good looking. And rich. And had a job. Aw hell, what's the use? Let's go to Hooters."

"That's why the lady is a amp." Get it?

Where's my vuvuzela when I need it?

" You were NOT the girl on the slap-card ! "

"The renovations are stunning, and selling off the old craps table felts as hot pants was a stroke of genius."

"She was so pretty inside after my 18hr craps session, wow, that sun really kills the beer goggles."

Are those Danny Ainge's old shorts?

"Man, with all these renovations, even the girls are getting less ugly! I've GOT to consider staying here sometime"

Excuse me, Miss. How was the buffet?

am I the only one that prefers the old look of the Trop entrance?

If she were my daughter, I'd...(what would you do daddy?)...If she were my daughter, I'd...wait, that is my daughter- Hey, has mom come with the mini-van yet!!
*stolen from FZ.

Tropicana? I just met her.

Excuse me miss, can I buy you a drink?

That pool was awesome, but this thong is riding up my crack!

"I told you those letters weren't part of the buffet. I don't feel so well."

And on a non-captioning note: I liked the old LOOK more, not necessarily the trash it attracted, but it was a nice look and fit the theme well. Especially the arches of the shell below the name which seem to have been removed. Either way, seems themes are a thing of the past, so I guess the trop is no exception

"Yo fat girl, come here are you ticklish?" /Chuck D'd

^/Shock G'd. Damn

"First Aria goes all 'office-building chic', then the Trop moves cubicles into their porte cochere. I did enjoy the Dunder Mifflin penny slots, however."

Sure she's cute, but she's got some baggage.

Excuse me sir...Oh, sorry. Well since we're both here...how much?

Yeah, I got your 4 foot "T" right here.

I don't know much about hip hop, but what I do know is that Chuck D is not responsible for the classic "are you ticklish" line, it was that one guy with the fake nose.

Is she riding in the kia with us to the airport?

"Come on baby, we can all do the walk of shame together"

'Hey Lady, I'm on an all nighter can you tell me how to get to Krispy Kreme"

Hey chickee, the 70s called and they would like their shorts back.

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