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TropWatch: We're Havana Gigantic Contest!!!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 30th July 2010 3:00am
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Tropicana Tripping

I'm so excited, I'm about to PMP... and you should too! Every week throughout the month of August, VegasTripping will be giving away a bunch of gigantic trip packages to the newest, neatest, vintage Vegas resort on the Strip - The Tropicana!

We're giving away six TropTripping packages in total, ALL of which include stays in the brand new rooms at the Tropicana, dining at their new restaurants, VIP early check in, late check out and a whole slew of other goodies specific to each prize.

The best part? You don't have do to do a damn thing to win other than participate in the daily discussions on VegasTripping by commenting on blog posts, chit chatting on The Board and posting reviews to our hotel or brand new dining guide!

Each week, contests start on Monday at 12:01am and end on Friday at 11:59pm, the winner of that week will be announced live via webcast THAT weekend! The contest for the TropTripping VIP Grand Prize starts on Monday August 2 at 12:01am and ends oat 11:59 on August 27th, 2010.

All of the details including the full listing of prizes can be found at http://www.VegasTripping.com/Trop. Good luck!


Comments & Discussion:

Its only worth while if I can give my Brad Garrett VIP pass to Tim at FHBM.

Am I DQ'ed due to my Macau work?

Woohoo! This is cool! I wanna win!!
How do I win? J/k J/k

Very nice, congrats for the alignment with the Trop, still trying to get myself to spend some time there, as I was really a fan of the original PH changes and had a nice relationship with the property before the financials hit the fan and I think they decided to take the property in a new direction due to the remodel being done. My hope is they are able to build a base during these renovations and have learned that pursuing another base after they are completed is fine, but that they can still continue to keep a loyal gambling base with the right offers.

Wow, looks like a win-win for VT and the Trop. Kudos to the Trop marketing people for taking a chance on a non-mainstream (but very cool) blog.

Filed under awesome is right! That is a very cool promotion.

Cool promotion--congratulations!

Cool, very cool! Are you grading on a curve to give dull-wits like me a fighting chance--or is this just a cunning ruse for you guys to meet hot chicks?

Is the trop pager friendly?

Yes, and there are plenty of banks of pay phones.

Haven't been to the Trop in years, and I live here. Now I have to go check it out.

Nine trips to Vegas and I've never even set foot in the Trop.....

@vespajet that is sad... although I lived here for 4 before checking it out. Now I spend over half my life there ;) When you're back in town, let me know & I'll give you a tour!

Wow that marketing chick they stole from PH really does love you and the site doesnt she.

sounds like a cool deal to me

MMMMMMMMMMMMM many beers in the celebration lounge! @vespajet, I cannot believe you haven't been there. The Trop is pretty much a place I go to every trip. I just hope they keep the live bands in the casino bar!

Congrats on the Promo Cmonster

Well now I've got a reason to check the place out finally since it is all fresh and renewed. My upcoming trip I intend to finally visit the handful of casinos on the Strip I have yet to visit because I was too lazy in the past to venture that far south on the Strip even when I was renting a car.

I'm very pleased to hear the Trop and VT are teaming up for what undoubtedly is a great Win-Win situation for all involved.

@donnymac, mmmmmmm Trop beers...... (insert drool here)

Very nice! I cannot wait to see the string of hilarious one-liners that will be hitting the board this month!!
Congrats on the contest, Mr. Monster.

Some of us will try to contribute the same sort of quality posts that we've become know for. Oh my and Baba Booey to you all!

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