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From the Mailbag: OMG!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 28th July 2010 2:46pm
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Every once in a while we like to share some interesting pieces of email which arrive via one of the "Contact" forms on our websites. This one comes from FeltJungle reader Lori D.

Was driving home from Sequim, WA and noticed several large advertising signs on the highway. I was hurt to see the initials: OMG on one. I am a christian and do not knock or put down beliefs of others, but to see this on the sign so casually insulting the my Creator's name was painful. For this reason, I will never enter a business that puts down the Name of the Lord. Thankyou

Dear Lori,
My wife's best friend used to live in a house built in a tree in Sequim, Washington (pronounced Skwim) - it was literally a house, built up in a gigantic tree! We had to take the auto ferry there from Seattle and nearly got our 1966 Plymouth Fury III stuck in a bog at the foot of the mudslick which she called a driveway. When we finally got up to the tree house, we lit a fire (seriously! they had a fireplace in the tree house!) and boiled some water for tea. No, this wasn't your standard Tetleys, we acutally made some psychedelic tea from a sandwich baggie full of psilocybin mushrooms. The next eight hours were spent balancing lawn chairs among the slippery branches on the roof while doing a jacket pocket puppet show and listening to Black Sabbath's first three albums.

If there ever has been OMG moments in my life, this was surely one of them. That we didn't slip off roof and impale ourselves on every branch as we plummeted to our deaths was a gosh darn miracle.

Perhaps next time you might consider repurposing the time you spent emailing us about a random billboard you saw on a highway in Sequim, WA into something truly constructive... donate food/ingredients to your local soup kitchens, starting a "Poker Night" night at your local house of worship with a 2% rake for charity, volunteer at your local Senior Center.

Take good care,


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Comments & Discussion:

OMG can also be: Oh My Golly, or Oh My Goodness.. just sayin

There's also no evidence that the author of the sign worships the same god as the email author, so one's "my god" might be a completely different deity as the other's "my god". So, like, chill out, eh.

Since God is a myth it's really a moot point.

We cannot forget about those whose god is Bob or the Flying Spaghetti Monster......

You should have reminded her that PMP is the new OMG.

Gosh? gravy? BTW, FU.

Humboldt State flash back...wow man...whoa...

"Jacket Pocket Puppet Show"? Is that code for something?

i love how people can be sooooo offended by three letters on a billboard with the "holier than thou" attitude. give it a rest. if it offends you so much, then don't fucking go. Isn't religion supposed to be about love & forgiveness anyway?

well, except for that one that's popular in the middle east that loves to blow people up & decapitate people, but will remain nameless. Like Colin Quinn said: "i'm sure it's a wonderful religion - we shouldn't let a few million bad apples spoil the entire bunch"

You know, given the success of Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham, you might be on to something here, Chuck. You could sign a deal with City Center, and call the show, "Mr. Monster's Jacket Pocket Park Puppet Show"! I'd go.

hmmm..and as a Christian of such strong beliefs..she is on the Vegas website becausssssssse......??? Not that Vegas isn't a fine place for Christians, however, considering the alcohol, music, et.al, I would think it would not be her cup of tea???

As "God" I don't mind the OMG, I think it's flattering. I would like to thank all the texters out there for keeping belief in Me alive.

It was between Sequim and Seattle that I was lured into a quonset hut and airbag casino nestled in the woodline. Using my normal Las Vegas betting habits at the tables, I became the high roller of the day. Dice are fun wherever you play. The dealers were great. I cannot remember the name of the casino.

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