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Breaking: Treasure Island Casino Cage Robbed

By MikeE on Tuesday, 27th July 2010 2:12am
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11:10pm [ME]: Just got word from friends on the ground that Treasure Island's cage got robbed and the police have Mirage shut down to entry on the suspicion that the suspect is hiding in their parking garage. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but a quick Twitter search substantiates this theory.

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Update 12:09am [CM] One hour later and the Mirage and TI are still locked down. Security lost visual on the perpetrator during the escape, leading police to searching the Mirage and TI parking garages floor by floor, car by car.

Update 1:09am [CM] Two hours later and there is no coverage of this from the mainstream media, including the Las Vegas Sun and Review-Journal. The local Las Vegas police scanner isn't giving up much information either, other than the previous entry about security losing visual on the perp during the escape. As of now, there has been no mention on the scanner that the perpetrator has been captured. Metro is planning on maintaining heightened security at Mirage and TI until 6am.

Update 2:09am [CM] It has been three hours since we first posted about the robbery at Treasure Island. The story, as we have been able to piece together, is that an unknown number of masked thieves armed with shotguns and other automatic weapons robbed the casino cage at Treasure Island. The perpetrators escaped out the front entrance and darted into the Mirage parking garage where they eluded security. Las Vegas Metro Police Department have since sealed off the Mirage and TI parking lots and are continuing to perform a car by car search of every level of the parking garage.

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Comments & Discussion:

Untrue! Channel 8 here in Vegas has it up on their site.

Just saying.

Yes sir... two of the tv stations have made short mention of it on their websites.

And yet again you beat Anthony Curtis and he's merry fools at LVA to the story.

I blame the bottomless Buschs. Were they wearing cowboy hats?

I second the notion that the bottomless Busch was a factor.
How did the casino cameras not pick up on guys with SHOTGUNS walking through the casino.....oh wait, there's a wild wild west bar in TI. It's a case of mistaken identity.

It doesn't matter if security cameras caught them or not, I'm sure that they were wearing Nixon or Reagan masks or something clever like that.

According to KVVU, they've found a bag of money in the Mirage garage, but the suspect (it now appears to have been a single robber) is still at large.


What's surprising is the lack of any mention of this on the websites of the Las Vegas Sun or the Las Vegas Newspaper That Shall Not Be Mentioned. It's telling that VT has provided more coverage than the two Vegas newspapers have.

Cage heists have traditionally been a non-story here unless shots are fired.

Don't get me wrong: I understand that stuff like this is of tremendous interest to VT readers. But to an average local (or average visitor for that matter), pretty ho-hum unless George Clooney is one of the guys making the heist.

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