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Mandalay Welcomes Baccarat Noobs!

By MikeE on Monday, 26th July 2010 2:06am
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Mandalay Bay Baccarat

As a regular baccarat player, I'm often asked where a good place is for a newbie to get their feet wet. This is probably one of the most challenging Vegas-related questions I get asked. Why? Because in order for someone to look beyond the "coin flip" simplicity of the game, they *must* be exposed to a table that allows them to touch, bend, and tear the cards - a slow, methodical game with a bit more ritual and a hell of a lot more suspense. Win or lose, a first time baccarat player exposed to this sort of table almost always walks away with the game permanently in their casino repertoire.

Five years ago, I simply referred everybody to the Stardust to get acquainted with their $25 big table. After its demise, Gold Coast briefly experimented with the same minimums hoping to capture Stardust's strays. It didn't last long. Except for the once-in-a-blue-moon table you'd catch at TI pre-Ruffin ownership, anything under $100 was extinct from the city - not very welcoming for the first time baccarat player.

We're pleased to report, however, that our very own JohnH spotted a $50 midi table at Mandalay Bay's "Crystal" room a couple weeks ago. This is the first time in almost three years that the strip has seen a midi game that low - not even in the very pit of the recession had I seen a touch and tear game for less than a black chip. And this in a luxurious high limit room that I've always had great experiences in - no cocky pit bosses or surly dealers *cough*TI*cough*.

But, like the $25 pai gow tables that also once existed in this high limit room, Mandalay's bargain midi table might not be long for this world. If you're in the area and itching to play, it's definitely worth scoping out and drinking your share of high-end hooch to overcome the house edge.

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Nice bit of information, thanks for the heads up on it, hopefully it sticks around for awhile or some of the other high limit rooms continue to try and experiment with some options.

FYI, The M resort has a $10 baccarat table. It's been there quite awhile.

Insider, $10 is for a mini table. There's plenty of those all over the city.

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