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Exclusive: Someone Deuced In The Wynn Pool

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 22nd July 2010 1:55pm
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Breaking news exclusive from VT reader Big Hoss who says that someone Bushwood'ed the Wynn Las Vegas pool.

Newsflash from Wynncore: My wife and I just were asked to get out of the Wynn pool when they found some turds floating in it.

We were about midway down the straightaway and this couple across from us calls the lifeguard over to look at it. I was floating and sipping a mojito about ten feet away. I asked what happened and they said someone had an accident. I looked and, sure enough, they had. The manager came over and started clearing the pool.

I started making Caddyshack jokes while my wife packed up for our walk back to the Encore pool where we are right now. It was gross.

Doooooody!!! Thought you would like to know. I took pictures of the confused and disgusted staff but the doody was too deep to definitively photograph.

Thanks Hoss!

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OK, yeah...that beats what I was going to post. Last week I was at Monte Carlo, and they had to drain the main pool because some yahoo threw a bottle and it shattered in and around it. Poo in pool beats broken glass anytime.


Baby Ruth Bar!

You scooped Liz Benston again! You guys are rockin...

I'm curious how often stuff like this actually happens and how often they are forced to drain the pool.

headline made me laugh out loud at work. good job guys

^^ Pooped My Pants (PMP) is the new Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

Maybe Murren finally paid a visit...

There's a pretty good report about how nasty the pools are, thanks to these parties, on channel 8's web site.

You know, I almost mentioned this in my "Sure Bets" segment on the last Vegas Gang--the Activity Pool at the Henderson Multi-Gen, which I talked up, has this sort of thing happen. It's happened twice in the last year that I know about. Although to be fair, the time that I was there, someone just dropped one on the deck near the pool and not in the water itself. And there are a ton of toddlers there.

I don't know how often it happens there, but they've got definite procedures in place. Even though the offending movement wasn't actually in the water, we had to evacuate and wait about 45 minutes for...something before we were allowed back in.

I was going to mention that, unlike at the exclusive Day Clubs, this is a hazard you need to be prepared to deal with, but I didn't want to get too scatological on a family show, and I figured there's no way any other adult would find pool poop as hilarious as I do. Wrong on both counts, I guess.

As far as "having an accident," this has to be pretty deliberate. I mean, first you've got to open the cargo bay doors (which I understand isn't always voluntary), but then you've got to let the cargo out of spacedock (the best metaphor I could come up with for a bathing suit.

^^ PMP!

Deuces (in the) Wild!

To the VegasTripping Hall Of Fame!

Not much different from the Duece on the strip they charge $3 a ride for..... They both smell the same.

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