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MGM's M life Players Club Comes To Life

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 22nd July 2010 6:39am
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Capital M, lower case life. Remember that.

MGM Mira-ugh Resorts International has launched the first phase of their upgraded M life Players Club onto unsuspecting slot machines at Beau Rivage and on a new site on this very internets. In due time, MGM Grand Detroit and Gold Strike Tunica will come online, followed by MGM's Vegas joints... minus Dangerfield-Dangerfield, aherm... Cirquis Cirquis whom - along with Silver Legacy and The Reno Circus - are MGM's bastardos du portfolio, if you'll pardon my Italian.

As we've previously outlined, the new M life Players Club is broken out into four tiers - Sapphire, Pearl, Gold and Platinum plus a double secret probation "Noir" tier reserved for 1940's film actors. The system is based on two levels of tracking - "points" and "tier credits" - which is a fancy way of further skewing the arcane accounting of comp clubs in a favor that most likely isn't yours.

So, are points the same thing as tier credits? No. Uhm. Maybe. Uh.... not sure.... ok... uhm... benefits depend on what tier you are in and where you gamble. At Beau Rivage 1 Point = 2 Tier Credits. Points are accrued by playing slots NOT not table games. Tier credits are accrued by playing slots AND table games but only if your table play is being rated by the pitboss/supervisors.

Here's the breakout for tier credits:

Sapphire < 24,999 Tier Credits
Pearl > 25,000 Tier Credits
Gold > 75,000 Tier Credits
Platinum > 200,000 Tier Credits

If you happen to have a Gold or Platinum account, you qualify for bonus point multipliers, 10% and 25% respectively. You can also use POINTplay to convert accrued slot points into FREEPLAY, thereby draining your accrued comps right back into the slot machine, which might be a good thing if you aren't planning on visiting an MGM property any time soon as tier credits expire 12 months after you earn them.

Another interesting feature which will roll out in later phases of the program is "Express Comps" - giving players the ability to track, manage and redeem comps as they wish without waiting for specific deals, offers and pit boss buffet pencils to magically arrive.

But, wait, there's more! What about the whole 'tracking non-casino spending' part like bottle service, insane dining tabs, shopping expenditures and spa services? Isn't this the REAL vanguard of the players club mathematics? Or is M life nothing more than an overhyped rearrangement of throw pillows into different sizes and colors? Where's the non-casino spend?!!

Of course, no MGM related product would be released without having a truly baffling catch phrase, and the M life one is a certifiable doozy... drum roll plz.

M life - Because you can when you belong to a players club like no other.


Seriously, who thinks this shit up?

Manage your M life at http://www.mlife.com

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Comments & Discussion:

3rd day. I can log on with my players club number but can't change name or password, profile or anything else. Tells me to use my email as user name and then says it's not a valid email.

Maybe the catch phrase has a typo. It should be:
"M life - Because you CAN'T when you belong to a players club like no other."

"M life - Because you can go fuck yourself when you belong to a players club like no other."

^^ ouch!

I can see why the two CCs are left out [*shudder*], but any guesses why they'd stiff the Silver Legacy and Eldorado in Reno? Both are nicer properties than Excalibur and at least on par with NYNY and Luxor IMO.

detroit, I had some trouble with the new username it wanted me to choose, did you use your old username as the first option and then new username (email address) and repeat it below when it poses the question. They were using a very light font on the screen that blended with the background, when I took a look at it.

Maybe I'm dyslexic, but am I the only one that reads it as Milfe? Like an acronym to what dirty-minded Canadians would say?

"Mother I'd Like to Fuck, Eh?"

This also gives new meaning to the FML internet meme. If I'm not being rated properly, well than "Fuck MLife".

MikeE made my day. Since I first saw the name, the same thing entered my mind, and I thought I was just a dirty old man.

Hey Mike, isn't that the name of the house band at Fontana?

indeed what about non-casino spending and black level...

@Blackjacker Fontana is a whole pride of cougars all the time. So is this neighborhood I live in now. Single cougar moms everywhere and my poor husband is 26 years old. Can't even take the trash out without getting stopped by one.

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