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Gilley's Offers $20 Bottomless Bush

By JohnH on Wednesday, 21st July 2010 1:56am
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TI Gilleys Bottomless Busch

An errant case of absolute non-truth in advertising? A brilliant marketing decision? More reason to love/hate Gilley's? Whatever it is, Gilley's has $20 bottomless bush Busch and Phil Ruffin wants us to know it. We won't judge.

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I think after eating there, most are going to end up with Bush Lite.

If and ONLY IF it comes in a can......no bottles

Ruffin made what, a $900-million-dollar profit on The New Frontier sale and he's serving up the pissiest, low-grade, low-budget, high-puke-quotient suds on the market? Good Lord Phil, say it ain't so!!!

Hell, if Todd English can serve PBR at his place at Crystals, why not Busch at TI. Makes perfect sense.

I don't think Phil has an absolute say in what Gilley's sells.

PBR has become a bit of a "hipster" beer, so it's not so outrageous to see it at an outpost of a "hip and trendy" celebrity chef. Now if Todd English P.U.B. was selling cans of Carling Black Label or Hamm's.......

and Todd English is selling PBR for a nickel on Tuesday night, so for $20 you could drink 400 PBRs if you could stomach it.

When is someone going to start peddling the Natty Ice?

VespaJet -You're right about PBR becoming hipster. I can get the tallboys for $1.10 a can at the local bar down the road from me. I won't pay more than $2.50 for a tallboy of PBR. AND you're also the only other person I know that's heard of Hamms. 6 cans for less than $2. To bad the brewery closed.

Steel Reserve.....or better yet, KING COBRA!

Being from St. Louis, we always heard the unsubstantiated rumor that Natural Light was the residue that they flushed out of the Bud Light tanks before they brewed a new batch of BL.

Then of course there's Milwaukee's Best, affectionately known as, "The Beast". Keystone. My personal favorite, Stag.

I know about Hamm's because about a decade ago, on Saturday nights after work, several of us would sit out in the employee parking lot and drink cheap beer. One of the guys would buy a few six packs of Hamm's (which is still sold, it's now brewed by MillerCoors) or Schaefer as it was so cheap and it was more about standing around shooting the breeze than it was the beer.

I picked up some cheap beer today at Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's sells a brand called Simpler Times. $3.99 a sixer for either the lager or the pilsner. It's not bad beer. They sell another cheap beer called Red Oval lager that sells for $3.49 a six pack. Both beers are cheaper in other Trader Joe's market due to the local taxes. Trader Joe's has locations in Vegas, so this is a cheap beer stop (For the wine drinker, you can pick up bottles of Two Buck Chuck.).

I forgot about the BEAST!! Totally forgot!
We were at a party where the host had COOLERS of "the beast" and we ran out of our BudLight, so we took some of the MB and put it in the BudLight bottles...I really didn't want anyone seeing me drink that crap.

In my earlier years, I used to drink the local brew, Detroit made Strohs. The joke was that is was made with Detroit River water. Today, still being made by who else, PBR.

This thread has brought back some great college memories.

And, at the same time, made my somewhat ill.

Nice!!!! I still felt yuppish drinking 2 dolla heinies instead of coronas at fremont.. the old mil yuk!! my funkie uncles ridin a four wheeler down the ditchbank to phils for a four pack those were the days. NOT! BURQUE 4EVER! Hard Rock Albuquerque!

Oh yeah almost forgot. Hit the four queens la comedy w an all you can drink band... only got four before the end.. it was ok. The do the face guy kills it!!!!

For you Hamms lovers, it is still currently being made by Miller, just no longer out of the St. Paul Brewery. Couldn't tell you if it tastes the same as the old stuff, but is pretty cheap and comes in the convienent 30-cube.

Ha, we used to have parties in college $5 all you can drink from $6-9. Usually The Beast or The Beast light. This is perfect for Gilly's. I left these days shortly after college and will continue to do so.

We've got Busch! We've got Busch!!

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