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The Scorpions Last Sting

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 15th July 2010 5:07am
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In case you didn't know, heavy metal legends The Scorpions have decided to hang up their tails at the end of their current tour after 40 years destroying stages all over the world. Yeah, you read that right... forty years... the Scorpions history dates back to 1969, the year I was born.

Five Hundy By Midnight fans, are surely familiar with singer Klaus Meine's holler of "LaaaasVegas, Naaavaaadaaa" during the still delicious intro collage to their each and every show (providing proper balance to the boob Bono's extended yapping.)

Seeing the Scorpions perform is certainly enough reward. Toss in that gig being at Thomas and Mack instead of having to deal with the MGM clusterfugg it gets even better. Throw in the fact that this is most likely your last chance, ever? Slowly getting epic. How about we sweeten the pot with Cinderella opening. Ok... forget we mentioned that. At least it ain't Stryper, for Christ's sakes.

So you want tickets? Forget it. Sold out. 14th row floor seats are going for $177 EACH on Stubhub. Damn you Cinderella.

Hi Tim.

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They're coming to Tampa this Saturday with RATT. I'm going.
Here I am!!!!! Rock you like a hurricane!!!!
Here I aaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Favorite Scorpions memory: We had a jukebox in the cafeteria in my high school. This one guy -- who was kind of a metalhead loner and sported an early version of a mullet -- would ceremoniously walk up to the silent jukebox about three times a week. He would put a quarter in and pick out a song. Then he would sit in a backward chair about three feet in front of the jukebox. Then "Rock You Like a Hurricane" would start up and he would air-drum for the entire song in front of the entire school. When the song ended, he'd get up and walk out of the cafeteria. God bless that guy and God bless the Scorpions.

If you go, the Tom Keifer saxophone solo on, "Shelter Me" would be a good beer/piss break opportunity.

Fuck yeah!

We saw Cinderella play a few years ago. A highlight was when the backdrop dramatically dropped away to reveal the exact same backdrop in a slightly different color. It was one a fantastic Spinal Tapesque moment.

Wow...ask anyone on the street if The Scorpions and The Beatles existed at the same time and they'll choke you to death/not believe you.

Still love Wind of Change.

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