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Mirage Quietly Reveals New Penthouse Suites

By MikeE on Monday, 12th July 2010 12:24am
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Recently, reader MinVegas revealed on the board a glimpse into the new Tower Suites at Mirage. Since then, the website has been updated with a few more shots.

Yeah, it looks like IKEA furnished a circus.

This only made me more nervous for the Penthouse Suites. Many of you may recall my worries from an article in May. In short, I loved the accommodations that made up the top two floors of Mirage. Their finishes and furnishings were every bit whale-worthy 20 years ago. Could MGM Resorts - the same people responsible for the puke-from-Skittles-overindulgence-inspired designs of the new Tower Suites - create a worthy renovation of the rooms that once housed the likes of Kerry Packer?

I'm happy to report a resounding YES!

The same Mirage Facebook feed, originally a teaser of the first 11 photos which inspired my May article, has been quietly updated with photos of the new Penthouse Suites. Check them out here.

The aesthetic is contemporary as expected, but there's actually warmth and detail. The original crown moldings are still intact, thankfully. The swirls of the mirror that sits behind the wet bar is complemented by the vases in the foreground. There are varying fabrics that create layers of textures. Notice the way the carpets, chair backs, and lamp unify the dining room. The bedroom is clean. No more suffocating the sleeper and crowding the space with oversized pillows. In fact, the tiny mirrors that run up the headboard give the bedroom a Vegas kitsch while heightening the ceilings.

Well done, MGM. Here's hoping I can score one of these puppies in August.

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Comments & Discussion:

Wow! MGM Resorts redeemed itself with the Penthouse Suite at The Mirage. Very nicely done, but two questions: 1) Does the TV still rise from the chest at the foot of the bed? That seems so late 1980's. 2) Bathroom photos don't show the toilet; hope they replaced the old, low-slung ones where you were practically sitting on the floor. :(

The old suites were a bit fussy, so I do like the lighter colors and more contemporary feel of the remodeled Penthouse Suites. Not a big fan of the carpeting, though. No doubt these will be a big hit with the d-bag crowd Mirage is trying so hard to draw now.

They did a MUCH better job with these than the tower suites. However, the bathroom still leaves a lot to be desired. There does not appear to be a jetted tub or rain shower head which is something I would expect in an up to date PH accommodation. Also, they have smoking and non-smoking options available which (as a non-smoker) always leaves me a bit disappointed because there's nothing worse than hearing "we only have smoking rooms available" at checkin.

While it does appear MGM put a little more effort into this remodel than some of their others, I am still disappointed that all remodels have the same modern aesthetic. Over time, this approach means that almost half the rooms (and properties) on the strip will have the same look. We are going to end up with a 35,000 room MGM Grand. I don't see how this can be good for MGM in the long term.

The lighting fixtures all look like they were stolen form the set of Smokey and the Bandit. 70's decor was ugly in the 70's, mocked in the 80's, forgotten in the 90's, nostalgized in the 00's and here we sit with those ugly fracking stacked yellow-glass-ball lamps with shades from my grandmothers living room. I do like the carpet and overall colors. The vases are of nice design and having the three ramped sizes on the shelf under the TV is a nice touch. But dang, those lamps are uuuuuuugly.

I like the yellow glass ball ball lamps. Looking at some of the artwork in the room, it looks like they hired the artist(s) that did the artwork in the Rush Tower at the Golden Nugget.

Interesting how they decided to be different and instead of the useless round bolster pillow, they went with a useless square bolster pillow....

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