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Stratta: The Best Damn Late Night Munchies Ever?

By MikeE on Tuesday, 6th July 2010 5:11pm
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The recession was all kinds of bad news for the city. Lay offs, halted construction, and - perhaps most painfully - cut restaurant hours. There was a time when I'd sip my last martini at THEhotel's MIX only to look forward to the epic nachos I'd be having downstairs in The Cafe. And I can't recall how many times I took the walk from Tryst to Terrace Pointe for their lobster benedict at 3am.

Unfortunately, those days of mingling drunk with the rise-and-shine crowd are becoming more and more of a rarity. At some point in my last trip, I was $1200 in the hole, piss wasted, and just wanted an effing bite at a nice restaurant. Chef Alessandro Stratta had wowed me several hours earlier with Alex, but could he tackle my drunken munchies? In curious desperation, I stepped into Stratta at 3am to see if they could satisfy my Del Taco taste palate.

Service? Damn good. Surprising really given that grave shift is almost always loaded with the my-boyfriend-broke-up-with-me-FML attitude crew. These guys were very quick and supremely friendly. Oh, and people-watching at Stratta is second to none. Only the front part of the restaurant is open so your table will be at the edge looking out towards the casino. And at that hour, you're sure to see some especially interesting characters.

The Margherita pizza I ordered was large enough to satisfy two, perfectly crisp and delicious - it totally hit the spot. The side of red pepper was potent enough to force me to order a Stella and wash it all down. Well played, Wynn.

This for well under $30 after tax and tip. It was far better than quadruple the price I paid for dinner at their previous incarnation of Corsa Cucina (read: throw up on a plate). Consider late nights at Stratta a new regular spot for me.

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Comments & Discussion:

I don't mean to poo-poo on your article, but my omelette was mediocre at best.

You're right though, your pizza was pretty great. Why you'd put that much red pepper on anything is still a mystery to me. But I guess it was a good excuse to down a gigantic glass of Stella.

I still think they should have been serving fried chicken. It's possible that a lot of patrons felt as I did, too.

re graveyard: my brother & I had the most wonderful service at Terrace Pointe (back in its 24-hr days) from a waiter who was setting up for the next day's breakfast with no other customers in the place. That was after a rollicking all-night session of Blackjack in Wynn's casino. To this day we always look up that pit boss, who got a transfer to day shift at Encore. Sweet gal.

Nice to know Stratta provides an alternative to Zoozacrackers, for when I can afford to go back to Vegas again.... :(

me want pizza.

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