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Tales From The Baccarat Table

By MikeE on Tuesday, 6th July 2010 1:53am
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While myth and mystery surround the game of baccarat, much of it is highly romanticized and few stories are ever worthy of sharing. A promise of a regular column this isn't, but every now and then, a session is interesting enough to warrant writing about. Last Tuesday had one such session. I hope you enjoy this first installment!

If there's one thing about baccarat players, it's that they're either totally awesome or totally dicks. The dicks will get angry if you bet against them, get pissed when you socialize and slow the game down, and frequently overlap with the same people who stiff the dealers. While you'd be quick to wonder why I'd ever consider playing with these types of people, there's nothing more satisfying than watching them lose.

But if playing with dicks is fun (wait, what?), playing with cool players can make for a lifetime's worth of memories. Such was the case last week at Encore.

I pulled up to a larger midi table in the high limit room with a $100 minimum. Sitting there were four friends who spoke what seemed like a total of six words of English: "Player!" "Banker!" "Tie!" and "My friend, drink!" Their spread was in the neighborhood of $500-$3500 on banker or player - not quite whale status, but they were also "action" players throwing down one to five hundred on a tie almost every hand, two hundred on the long-shot 12:1 pair bets, etc. With play like that, their group requests were granted instantly.

I handled the cards a couple times, twice flipping tie bets for them and even once flipping a pair on the banker for a longshot win. In fact, they started requesting that I handle the cards every time and frankly, even though a tie meant a push on my own money, for the sake of camaraderie, I was screaming that they'd hit their longshot bets, too.

One person asked the pit boss for a very specific bottle of wine the name of which escapes me. They found it and paged a villa services butler to come down and stand there with the bottle to pour for everyone with a glass.

Holy shit.

Of course I was offered: "My friend, drink!" but graciously refused for fear of looking like a moocher.

Now, if you've played at Bill's, you've had fast drink service. If you've played in a high limit room, you've had exceptionally fast drink service. But if you've ever played with a butler looming over you, consider your liver done for. While I didn't take advantage of an offer to mooch off what was probably a four-figure bottle of wine, the butler never let my martini glass run dry.

I consider myself pretty content; there isn't much that would inspire me to become a billionaire, but having a butler replace a cocktail waitress while I gamble is definitely one of them.

I never could communicate properly with my new friends, but drunken fist bumps and high-fives are the universal language. I lost $200 total for that session, but the financial outcome, up or down, would hardly have made a difference to the amount of fun I had on the baccarat table that day.

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Fantastic story. These are the moments that really make gambling fun. Reminds me of a birthday night, a lot of vodka, and a Malaysian man meowed like a cat every hand, and each and every time the dealer would bust. Money gained, 3k. The chance to visit a meowing man at his beach house, priceless.

Great story Mike, I can understand not wanting to feel like a mooch, but upon being offered, I think you should have accepted, although having the butler available for martinis, wasn't a bad accident at all.

Butler versus Large Breasted Cocktail Waitress (LBCW)? I choose the latter. Good story, though.

Mike - You just need to end each article with :-

"Stay Thirsty My Friends"

Great seeing you again BTW!

Great Story Mike - gotta love those happy social games

Mike, you have encapsulated perfectly what it's all about. To experience such encounters is why I've been playing tables since I was 19. I'm surprised you lost a little money. I usually do well on tables with such a good vibe. Thanks for sharing.

Great read Mike!


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