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Cosmopolitan Launches Full Website

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 29th June 2010 10:34pm
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As we mentioned in the previous post, the brand new full website for Cosmopolitan has gone live at http://www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com.

Design wise - its fantastic. Sexy, sultry, usable and interactive without over indulging or being ridiculously over the top. Our favorite part? The fishnet stocking background - I like the way the line goes up the back of their leg.

Lots of great stuff here to learn and know about the Cosmopolitan as it races towards its December 15th grand opening!

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Comments & Discussion:

Okay I went to the website and working my way thru it was easy. Signed up for e-mail updates also. This looks like a great addition to the Strip and seems the people behind it know what they are doing.

The website is easy to navigate, but the grainy thumbnail pics are not doing this property justice. The layout is great, but the colors make everything look very dull. Maybe it's just me?

No Resort fees.... Thank goodness!!

Who si behind the Cosmo? Do they operate casinos elsewhere? Are they good operators?

Their high rates will not survive, I think as it comes closer to opening the rates available will go down.

Yeah, unless they want a mostly empty hotel, there is no way these rates will hold. They're living in dream world.

Deutsche Bank took control of Cosmo when Bruce Eichner defaulted on his loans. DB paid $1 Billion in 2008 and finished the property. Last I heard, Hilton Hotels Corp will operate the casino. Unless I missed it, Cosmo's website is unusual in that there is no "About Us" link that talks about ownership and operation.
How many of the rooms will actually be open in December?

I've always liked those kind of high heels too.

Actually the pricing seems about right (for rack rates this far out from opening). I expect the $150 mid-week deluxe room rate will drop to $109 on a special offer. These rates are already lower than Aria. I'm really excited about the rates on the larger Terrace suites ($355 mid-week for 2bdrm is probably cheaper than any penthouse on the strip).

base rate for top published suite is $350.

its not sold as 2BR though. not sure which category connects. (top 2 have connecting)

definitely no chain hotel right now..

hilton fell through after they lost denizen, and were never supposed to manage casino.

random thought - still 5.5 months out, is management necessarily finalized?

also, last i checked signature (not "on" strip) had 2BR from $330

and palms place (off strip) had 2BR from $350

Maybe they're already pricing with the thought of not having resort fees and thus upping the room rate. Is there anyone who thinks that Bellagio and Aria WON'T have resort fees come December?

Wow. I'm really disappointed in the way the rooms look. I thought they might keep the same funky/industrial look like the rest of the hotel had. Isn't this the hotel with the leopard print chairs in the casino and the red/slate elevator landings??

Looks cool to me, but I'm not sure that, "It's not for everyone" is the best tagline for any hospitality business, particularly now. Let's hear positives, not negatives, like "It's just for you." Same message, but more upbeat.

If DB is managing Cosmo itself, how can they succeed without being part of a national reservation system?

They have a lot of room types. Is "City Room" the basic/standard room? It seems that type only has 2 queen beds. What's the "basic" room that has one king?

I agree with Dave702. "It's Just For You" is infinitely more warm and welcoming. "It's Not For Everyone" is flat-out awful for a hotel roll-out. Enough already with the velvet-rope crap.

Hell, I already KNOW I'm not their "ideal" guest, since I'm not a 30-something with oodles of cash that I'll happily blow on table service, so are they telling me I should just look elsewhere? Yes, I believe they are.

Dave, you must be in the ad biz. Your idea is great.

plenty of time to get management company though.

also, there are plenty of marketing alliances, that have nothing to do with management. they could even get a license from a marketing company. i was amazed at the number of those.

i seem to recall a casino manager being picked at one point..

agree its ironic to say "its not for everyone" when there are 3,000 rooms. for a SMALL luxury or boutique property it might be fine though.

i mean license from management company..

I suspect DB would prefer to sell the whole thing as soon as possible, but nobody is going to bite until the doors are open. If they contract out hotel management it might eliminate potential bidders (i.e. Boyd). I can't see DB being in this for the long run (although there are other financial firms -GS, Apollo, Texas Pacific- that essentially own properties).

then they would do a marketing alliance

but they might be able to get a short management/license agreement

i doubt they are going to choose to not hire any help..

remember they did not accept any of the previous offers. so not sure it can be stated that they are definitely going to lower their expectations. their goal might be to wait. which could be a while. cant imagine they are underestimating operating costs, but i guess thats possible.

Well, I'll be the odd one out and state that I love the "It's Not For Everyone" tagline. It's bold, unique, and makes a statement that the hotel is putting an effort to differentiate itself from everything else out there. "It's Just For You" is too welcoming and broad, it sounds homey and generic to me. That tagline seems better suited for a country cooking restaurant.

But however you feel about the Cosmo's tagline, I think everyone can agree it's far superior to "Remember To Breathe".

RobbieNomi, i definitely agree re the line, but not when talking about a 3000 room vegas property :D

theyre opening with ~2000 rooms

C'mon, "It's Not For Everyone" is a hoary old cliche itself.

With a beautiful new hotel in arguably the very best location on the strip--and 3,000 rooms to fill-- they gotta do better than that. That's a throwaway line for Hotel32.

Or the Western: "It's Not For Everyone." Now THAT fits!!!


The two-tower resort will open without 987 of its rooms, with most of them opening incrementally through July next year. Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin has said the delay will give more time to finish interior work and move furniture.

The company said Wednesday that 19 rooms would open after July 2011, when "management deems appropriate."

so opening with 2,008 rooms on dec 15

id imagine there are some larger units in that 968 and 19

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