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Unveiling The New Rooms at Cosmopolitan!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 29th June 2010 5:01pm
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You saw em here first folks... the new City Rooms coming to Cosmopolitan this December. Also... keep your eyes peeled for a new website tonight (it actually seems to be going live right now) along with the start of room reservations. Woo hoo!

Interesting take on the desk / entertainment center combo.

What if you've got boots on both sides of your bed? Just sayin.

Gorgeous... I'm a big fan of the open window bathrooms since I first saw them in Macau three years ago.


Easy at the ready plug ports and some iPad looking device that we can presume controls most of the room features. The desk chair looks familiar.


The nightstand. Love it... and the controls all appear to be mounted on the lamp base.


This is the detail view of the bench to the left of the desk in the first photo. Notice the embroidery and the very Vuitton leather bindings.


The table by the bathroom entry also has the leather bindings as does the wall corners. Very cool.

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Wowsa wowsa wowsa.

Did no one tell Cosmo about the long cylindrical bolster pillow requirement on the bed? These rooms look nice and the location stripside will help them a lot. It looks like if you fall out of bed you might land in the shower. That can't be right? Another 2400 rooms will help keep everyone's prices down for awhile. The Cosmo should be a fun place.

Love it!!

Very nice, I'm impressed too.

Very sexy for couples indeed. Maybe not the right venue for a guys weekend though. That's good to know in advance, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome! After being fairly interested in this property for a while now, I am now officially excited about it! So glad they decide against MGM's "Ultra-Modern Bland™" and went with a more creative "Epcot Bordello" look.

Cosmo's wallpaper is available online at KremeLife. "California Collection Birds 70 Retro" http://kremelife.com/

Since we couldn't see the whole bathroom, I have to ask: is this the kind of shower where there's no partition between it, and the rest of the bathroom? The kind where you have to constantly make sure you aren't spraying the whole bathroom while simultaneously freezing your ass off? Cause I don't like those.

Woops. I take it back. There's a somewhat obvious door in that picture. Still, not a big fan of those open shower concepts, which I believe I last saw at Palms Place.

I'm sure the glass can be made opaque.

anyone notice that the mirrors face directly across from the bed? Major Asian feng-shui superstition right there and a major problem if they are courting the high-rolling Asian crowds.

After a bit more reflection on this I have to give them major props. The Cosmo folks have done the right thing here and bucked the trend that Aria and MGM have taken of uber-modern non-descript design. If you look, there are clean lines, but their is layer upon layer of consistent and gorgeous texture that makes you want to feel the room. You want to touch everything. In Aria, the only thing I touch is the bed, the rest is left for the dust. Bravo Cosmopolitan, I think Aria may have to lower the rates further, and hopefully this will buck Bellagio into doing something worthwhile to bump their rooms up to Encore/Wynn standards.

So where can i book online reservations? chuckmonsters post says along with the start of room reservations. maybe im just blind. i would like to know how much these rooms are going for opening night, i would love to go.

Some of the most beautiful rooms in Vegas, but PLEASE tell me that the shower door is the Smart Glass that frosts over instantly upon closing the door.

Agree with everyone on the glass shower door; it's a little unusual. But the rooms look amazing and I would be highly interested in booking a room here in 2011 after the major opening. The look of the rooms here suggest rate drops by Aria in Feb and beyond as word gets out.

I hope Jim Murren and all MGM execs are reading these comments. But then, Murren prided himself on never setting foot into Encore or Palazzo, so he may be dismissing Cosmo out of hand. Big mistake. Aria's rooms never generated the excitement that Cosmopolitan's are, primarily because of Cosmo's attention to detail and Aria's lack of detail.
Could CityCenter share in the wealth in spite of itself because of increased foot traffic into Crystals and CC by Cosmo crowds?

According to the Cosmo website, the "City" room is 460 sq. feet, which is a bit small, but competitive with Aria. I agree that the decor and detailing are interesting, although I worry the leather edging on the entry table and wall will not hold up well under daily use.

Location is phenomenal, and if Cosmo can differentiate itself service-wise from its neighbors, it could be a surprise hit.

Nice looking design. This is a non-balcony unit. What precentage of rooms are of this type? I had expected most of the rooms to have kitchenettes, hopefully those been designed out.

only 1 category (city room) doesnt have terrace and kitchenette...

To the commener above, I'm not sure how wide ranging "Asian superstitions" are, but I've seen the mirror in the centre over the beds in a Japanese hotel. Not a casino hotel, but still...

Ah, I see, he's talking about the mirrored wall opposite the bed. I thought he was talking about the mirror over the beds, never mind.

You can take a look at feng-shui mirror superstitions here: http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuiforbedroom/qt/mirror_bed.htm

I heard that Wynn placed some mirrors across from the bed at Encore, upon realizing that the Asians were bothered by this, he immediately took them off. I'm Asian and all that, but I think this stuff is hoopla...but again, most Asians believe this stuff.

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