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The Palms'ing of Wynn

By MikeE on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 11:57pm
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The news heard round the world seemed to be Paris Hilton's visit and subsequent video of her bestowing upon the crowd at Surrender her honorable STDs. And then came the Kardashian's visit to Encore last weekend. Me? I'm really going to do my best to reserve judgment on Beach Club/Surrender until I see the space for myself next week. Here's hoping that these visiting herpginas are just part of some opening scheme to hype up the joint.

Not that I'm really complaining. Before Encore, I bunked at Wynn Las Vegas no less than 15 times and, especially after room renovations, won't have much of a problem going back. So long as there's a clear distinction as to what type of crowd Wynn is trying to attract from Encore, I'll be happy.

But will that distinction be so clear? Only hours ago, @thestrippodcast tweeted that Wynn's new, much-talked-about wine bar, Le Cave, will be operated by the N9NE group.

Yes, N9NE group. The poor man's Light Group. Just one step above anything Audigier.

This. In the grand, regal, beautiful spaces of Wynn Las Vegas. It's not curtained off and drowned by the casino action like Blush is or deep in a subterranean corner like Tryst. This thing'll be located in one of Wynn's most stunning promenades on the way to the golf course and if it's anything like most the spaces N9NE runs at Palms, will be terribly out of place.

Here's hoping that by being a wine bar, they'll snub their noses at the Red Bull vodka crowd. Otherwise, I'd be very, very worried.

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Don't knock a red bull and cabernet until you've tried it.

some of us stick to single malt and red wine

i go with champagne and ripple-champipple

Now if they start offering $4 Jagerbombs and $3 Red Bull & Vodkas at all casino bars, then we really have something be worried about.

I have to say that the way things are going, the only way to avoid staying somewhere the walking vagina on stick celebutards haunt is to stay at CityCenter or Downtown.

i really need to call in sick next week and catch a 5-day earlier flight. fuck.

I think they are ending up doing a great job of catering to everybody. You want Rehab, you have Rehab. You want jazz and cigars, you've got jazz and cigars. Want a wine bar? Check. Plus, Encore Beach Club is situated to not permeate the vibe of the rest of the resort. Wynn has always touted having various vibes (his words, not mine) in various parts of a resort.

Check out the interview he gave just before Bellagio opened:

The last time that I was at Wynncore, I witnessed some stumbling d-bags coming from whatever club it is in the hallway between the two joints. I guess it was the latest that I've ever been around the casino, but I still thought that it was totally out of place and made the area super trashy. If management doesn't seem to mind about that certain element and wants to add more attractions for those peeps, then yes, I am worried too.

saharalv, you probably won't like hearing that I witnessed a young man urinating in that same hallway in the entry to a Chanel store or something like that... probably 3:30am or so. Security did catch him.

Just checked out wyncore for the first time fathers day and an older man was playing sex in the city slots drinking wine. The weird thing to me was he was stopping the game himself, not letting it stop by itself. I hit the mr. big quick win and cashed out happy with a fifty to leave with. First time seeing a slot played like that. Different?

I got back yesterday from 4 nights in Las Vegas with my wife. I'm sad about the entire Wynncore complex. Thursday was like old times -- very nice -- but on the weekend the whole place was overrun by a very young, very douchey crowd. It was inescapable. As long as that's the demographic they're targeting, I'm afraid I'll have to stay away.

We stayed at Aria for our first time, and, having read your reviews and TripAdvisor reviews, we went in with low to middling expectations. We were consistently impressed -- service and especially food were top-notch (but the remote really is confusing). I guess they're taking the criticism to heart. Oh, and if you're in LV soon, you have to try Sage. It's extraordinary.

The opening of EBC made Wynn's position quite clear -- the douchebag crowd is welcomed with open arms.

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