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Curtains For The Moulin Rouge

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 5:53pm
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After decades of on-again, off-again plans for resurrection, the famed Moulin Rouge has been fitted for its final set of curtains.

Curtains, not of the Roger Thomas variety, but of the Bugsy Siegel sort.

Demolition on the 55 year old could begin as early as tomorrow.

Moulin Rouge Casino Sign

The historic sign will hopefully be salvaged somehow.

Moulin Rouge 
Casino Sign

These buildings burned down a few years ago... love the logo bug.

Moulin Rouge 
Casino Sign

The Nevada Historical Marker sign out front.

Moulin Rouge $25 chip drilled

Original $25 chip

Moulin Rouge 
Casino Sign

Original $5 chip

Finding a non-drilled Moulin Rouge chip is one of the holy grails of chip collecting as nearly all of the casinos chips were confiscated (and subsequently drilled) by Federal Agents who raided and closed the joint months after it opened. Drilled chips are rare, but still come up regularly on eBay listings.

For more information about the Moulin Rouge and why you should give a hoot, check out our 50th birthday celebration of the Moulin Rouge feature article, The Neon Dream: The Moulin Rouge

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Comments & Discussion:

i dont see why the signage wouldn't go to the neon boneyard

Sad stuff. I was able to get there a few years ago on my honeymoon (my poor wife...), and I just got the willies standing there. I felt a presence and a soul...something that seems to be disappearing and being destroyed in Vegas. Its what I love and hate about Vegas-the history, the disrespect towards the history, and the promise of an exciting future.
In any case, this spot will now be in a part of my brain where the Hacienda, the Dunes, and the Desert Inn accompany; a great, sad, fading memory of a place that somehow should've been appreciated (and saved) more than it had been.

The signs already went to the boneyard, at which point the place suspciously burned down again.

Good riddance, it was always kind of an eyesore and while there's not many historic buildings in this town, there were a few better ones deserving of this much media attention.

By the looks of the neighborhood, I wouldn't call any of the fires that "suspicious".
When, exactly, did the signs move to the boneyard?

The big name was moved to the Boneyard. Another fire happened days later.

Dead-end investments catching on fire, with suspicion of insurance payouts and no hard evidence, is a pretty common occurrence in Las Vegas. It's been suspected everywhere from the Bob Stupak World Famous Historic Gambling Museum of the 70s & 80s, to a housing development in the SouthSouthEast end of town in 2006ish.

Speaking of Bugsy Seigel, The tv show, Sunday Morning, ran a 2 minute blurb on his demise. Last Sunday was the day 63 years ago Bugsy was killed. He had a vision There was some good video of old 50's Vegas included.

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