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MGM's M life Comp Club Gets Complicated

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 6:26am
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Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to Mlife, the 'so new it hasn't been implemented yet' tiered comp club from MGM Resorts International.

Mlife players club MGM Mirage

Mlife contains a whopping five tiers of player rankings, proving once again that nobody builds stuff by committee the way that MGM does. The naming conventions use a smattering of labels used by all of MGM's competitors - Gold, Pearl, Sapphire, Platinum and... Noir.

Noir? As in fancy french word that is vaguely artistic / film like? Or noir as in 'new' slash 'noob' ? Or is it a misspelling of "nor" as in "after we complained about the dirt, grime and pubic hairs found in our room, the Mirage neither offered to change our room nor send up a cleaning crew."

Whatever the meaning, we can only guess that the "Noir" tier is somewhat akin to the 'Seven Stars' ultra high rollers pass. I'd also imagine that if you are that much of a high roller, you don't need to carry a stupid card around with you to prove it... they've got 12 calculator toting comp queens following you around the casino with neither gold plated handi-wipes nor diamond studded butt plugs at the ready.

Noir. Nwar. Gwar.

What baffles me here is that they decided to go with FIVE tiers. I almost think that this is a way to prove/front that their new players club is SOOOO data intensive and scientific that it requires a five speed transmission to fully maximize the players perception of how important they are.

For those keeping score at home, here's the latest breakdown of comp club tiers for Boyd Gaming, Venetian/Palazzo, MGM, Harrah's and Wynn Resorts.

Mlife players club MGM Mirage

All i want is a comp/discounted room and the occasional dinner or show tickets... do I really have to keep track of all this shit for all 67 casinos that I regularly gamble at?


Comments & Discussion:

Foxwoods/MGM @ Foxwoods started a three-tiered system last year with their Dream Card program (previously the Wampum Club). They have Dream Card, Gold and Platinum.


I was hoping desperately that when MGM @ Foxwoods opened they'd somehow combine the Foxwoods and MGM rewards programs, but no such luck.

This is just another example of how Wynn does it right. One card for your room key, slot club, comp card, line pass, everything.

Why can't more operators do this? I don't need a fancy shiny card to flash around to make sure everyone around me knows I'm a high roller.

And if a high roller at Wynn really wanted a shiny card, they'd probably make him/her one. Diamond encrusted anyone?

Wynn does use icons on their red cards to denote some special guests.

And I hope that the new system doesn't do away with what I consider generous marketing offers for low rollers (such as myself). I have never once gotten an offer from Harrah's but currently have no less than 32 offers from MGM, despite earning only around 1000 points.

With this "noir" level, they're just riffing off from the American Express Centurion Card, AKA the Black Card (Visa also have a similar high-end Black Card as well.).

Mirage still has links to "Players Club" throughout its site. Perhaps the "MLife" is being unveiled by pecking order.

Noir. Budoir. Bidet.

Does getting a Noir card mean that your room comes with a femme fatale that eventually betrays you while she smokes a lot of cigarrettes?

Harrah's always made a "secret" of 7-stars though anybody who's spent a considerable time in their casinos knows about it. The problem is, even though they developed that level to accommodate Caesars's highest rollers, they realized 100,000 tier points in a year was too easily attained by a select level of clientele. That's why they've got the Chairman Club - a true secret. Watanabe carried one:


I'd think 7-stars falls somewhere in between MGM's Platinum and Noir, while Chairman takes care of the highest crust of otherwise Noir players.

It's only a matter of (a looooong) time until Wynn goes tiered (they're usually slowest to act on innovation). Cards will probably run from "Kinkade" for new sign-ups to "Michelangelo" for Prince Alwaleed.

wheres the wynn card with the little gold star?

It's a big dick.

I mean that in the kindest way possible. You could hand a Basic level card to the club desk and be Mega Ultra Important, and your account will still show up the same. The physically different card is maybe only slightly useful in remembering if you qualify for any perks or not, but for the most part it's just for that Big Dick Satisfaction.

Tiers are fine to me because they at least give me something to "work to." MGM and Wynn both, I never know where I stand with them and how far I am from getting anything. All I know is I get nothing save for the occasional local $5 play coupon, the twice-in-a-lifetime free night, and the once-in-a-lifetime pool concert invite (which I turned down.)

it's "Noir" as in we'll never have one in our lives.

The Wynn card works if you don't have multiple properties to fill or really care about the low roller. I'd like the Wynn comp system better if they would comp me a cocktail while playing $1 video poker at a bar!

I can get a free room at the Mirage for the entire summer, 7 days a week.
Pearl? Sapphire? Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

there should be some innovation here, might even get new business.

what i dont know, but an example might be having room keys that work in reverse, where they are always active, and a room is coded to it. so VIPs can check-in remotely and just hit their accommodations whenever.

Anybody know if MGM is bringing Circus Circus into the use of Mlife, or will CC still be on their own with Circus Players Club?

Will someone tell me exactly what this means?
"Underlying the program will be a more refined technology that allows M life Players Club members to customize their engagement with the program, so they can define their own Las Vegas experience."

Since the roll-out won't start until late summer at non-Vegas casinos, will Vegas have to wait until 2011 after the Holiday Gift Shop promotion ends before the holidays?


Seminole Casinos have a three-tier players club, Gold, Platinum and Elite. Less than a year ago, they implemented a top tier, the X-Card, which is not advertised on the website. It must be trying to reach the same players as MGM's Noir. There are frequent X-Card parties and giveaways to which 99.9% of players don't get invitations. Of course, when they give away a Mercedes or Maserati at these affairs, you can be sure the winner had already paid for it many times over.

Boyd's B Connected has been rolled out at all properties.
Must be me; the B Connected name impresses me as little as M Life.

I work at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. The Noir club is by invitation only. They are the VERY few that make up a certain percentage of the total revenue. I've only seen one in person. We were told that they are top priority AT ALL TIMES. If they ask for it, we say "Yes Ma'am" or "Yes Sir" unless it is illegal. They get what that want when they want it. So if I'm helping another customer and a Noir player steps up in line ahead of them I am required to take them first without having to explain why to the other customer. The only time I've seen a Noir player this is what happened and I was screamed at by the other customer simply because there is no polite way to say that they weren't as important as the Noir player. So I'm not too thrilled by the Noir club. It has a lot of perks and they get treated like royalty and they take advantage of it.

I think the MGM tiers are ordered incorrectly. I believe Gold is just behind Plat and ahead of Sapph and Pearl

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