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Battle of the Casino Skyline Collages

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 4:13am
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If there is one thing that makes me puke faster than reading 5000 word blow by blow trip reports that cover every last boring ass detail of a strangers boring ass trip, it is the old as photoshop casino skyline collage that adorns the masthead of thousands of boring ass Vegas websites. For the arteests who spend yo thousand hours cutting, cropping, matteing, resizing, shading, tilting, leveling, equalizing, sharpening, contrasting and futzing with these digital puzzle pieces to create such barftastic monuments to pixel pushing neurosis... we nip this bud for you.

Casino skyline collages aren't just for amateurs anymore... both Harrah's and MGM Resorts International have recently pulled the rip cord on their own montages of flatulent acquisitions... with differing degrees of success.

Below, you will find a horizontal triptych of saintly attempts at redistricting the Strip in photoshopped miniature. Click here to open a larger version of the image in a new window.

The top is from the "Pulse of Vegas" website that Harrah's puts out and, as expected, contains only their Las Vegas properties... minus one. No, the recent addition to Harrah's portfolio, Planet Hollywood is there, but the previous one isn't - Barbary Bill's Gamblin' Coast and Saloon Hall.

The middle collage is taken from the front page of the Annual Investors Meeting Presentation which was published just last week. It contains all of MGM Resorts International's global properties. Except one. Hint: It's not Treasure Island. Don't know? Here's another hint: it is the property which the company has staked its entire future on. No, it's not Boardwalk, but you're close. It's the one that nearly bankrupted the company! CityCenter!... y'know Aria, Vdara, Mandarin Oriental, Crystals, Harmon et. al. THAT one! Perhaps we need to strategically place some shrubbery around it so it will stand out a bit more.

The bottom collage is MGM Resorts International's Las Vegas properties, standing at attention in their pecking order with Aria and Vdara making their debut appearance.

Much thanks to VT Reader Brian 'The Swami' Fey - a man who has earned his nickname by accurately predicting the outcome of nearly everything that has happened in the Las Vegas casino industry in the last five years - for sending us the tipoff about the omission of Aria in the Annual Report. Thanks Swami!


Comments & Discussion:

Even their Tunica property made it into the collage. Fucking Tunica!

In the last collage, why is Bellagio positioned between Aria and Vadara? I can only conclude that putting Vadara with Aria would make Bellagio stand out more than CC. As it is, Bellagio looks like a guy in the back row in a group picture.

I don't know what the two places on the right on the bottom photo are, but they look like a lot of fun!

I want those three for my gym! I want a New Mexico type collage with Buffalo Thunder, 66, etc.. All the crappy indian joints would be f in hilarious!!!!!

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