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Cosmopolitan : Not Your Regular Twit

By JohnH on Tuesday, 22nd June 2010 11:56pm
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Last week we brought your attention to Vegas GangBanger Dr. Dave Schwartz' casino Twitter usage mega-analysis and all of its associated metrics concerning response to customer complaints, number of vacuous retweets, and the coming death of "Follow Fridays." We also brought to your attention the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' use of Twitter to announce its grand opening date. However, those two loosely associated news items got us thinking.

If the Cosmopolitan plans on using its Twitter account in the days and months leading up to its grand opening, what are they going to tweet about? There aren't any customer complaints that they're going to have to resolve. They have no reason to send out celebrity-centric retweets from their on-property nightclubs. What are they going to use the Twitter machine for?

Judging by what VT's crack team of Internet data analysts - a monkey we keep chained to a ten year old iBook - have found after observing the Cosmopolitan's Twitter account for the last few days, the answer is simple: society and culture.


ver the last few days, we've seen tweets about the New York City Food and Wine Festival, a review of Jean-Pierre Jenuet's follow-up to "Amelie," and what's probably their most interesting tweet of all, the promotion of competitor and Las Vegas Sands compatriot Molto Mario Batali's weekly Farmer's Market.

Don't get us wrong, they're still promoting their hotel through pictorials of the installation of their new marquee, one of the most bizarre feng-shui blessings we've ever seen, and countless promotions of the culinary offerings they have planned for the resort. And yet, it really looks like the folks over at @Cosmopolitan_LV are really trying to change the way we look at casino Twitter feeds. Rather than a run of the mill marketing-cum-customer relations tool, the Cosmo seems to be using this new-fangled Twit machine as a social lifestyle tool.

Now we'll just have to see whether or not they can sustain their cultural interests when thousands of customers complain about Jose Andres' experimental cooking or the room service attendant that has to ask guests for directions to different rooms.

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Comments & Discussion:

So far I have to say these folks have been spectacular. They are responsive, they listen and answer questions. And they don't pump my inbox full of bullshit about 72 hour sales and Jersey Shore auditions. Lets hope it keeps up.

I think I'm the only Vegas nut who isn't excited about this place. I did find this interesting. When speaking with one of my insiders at Wynn Resorts, I mentioned that I didn't really care about the Cosmo, and wasn't excited about it. However, I was fairly sure it would succeed just due to it's fantastic location. Their response was this, and i'll paraphrase because I can't recall the exact quote, Cosmo will do great because all their people have come from us, it's our people that will be running the place. Now take that for what it's worth, I don't know if Cosmo came after a bunch of Wynn's top people, or if these people were unhappy at Wynn and just applied at Cosmo and got the job due to having experience at the top place in town? I'm gonna play conspiracy theorist for a second here...did Wynn give 10% raises to all of their staff earlier this month, to stop the poaching of it's employees by Cosmo? That's probably far fetched and a long shot, but then again, this is Vegas, where anything is possible.

@swami - your insiders at wynn resorts (Jade) is referring primarily to Amy Rossetti. She jumped from Wynn's pr department a month or two ago to become the Director of PR at Cosmopolitan.

i don't think there is any conspiracy. folks change jobs when they are stuck in a bottle neck (JDunne) or want to take on bigger and more responsibility.

I'm fairly sure they poached their head of casino operations from Caesars too but I'm too lazy to go look that nugget up at the moment.

Well they started following me on Twitter a few weeks ago by looking at the few Vegas sites I follow and their tweets have been cool considering they dont open for 6 months. It looks like their plan is to develop a following and then assume their followers will be the first to stay there when it does open. If their open doesnt have the bugs that Aria is apparently still experiencing then they should do well.

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