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Las Vegas Hilton Mega-Suites Discounted!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 21st June 2010 6:10am
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Now... thanks to recession busting pricing and vanishing high rollers... you too can put your ass on a gilded toilet seat used regularly by famed commodian cogitator Barry Manilow.

The Las Vegas Review Journal's Arnold M. Knightly (we're told that the M stands for Malmsteen) has the news that the Las Vegas Hilton has begun to offer its high roller suites up for booking by regular schlubs like you and me.

Prices range from cool $1.7k to a frozen solid $13.5k/night to enjoy the suites that virtually defined and ruled the genre until the 1990's building boom changed everything. Anyone who is anyone has stayed up in these cribs: Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, The Sultan of Wherever, The Duke of Prunes, Sir Loin of Beef and The King of Rock and Roll.

Oh and peekaboo... some knucklehead who speaks like a cast off from, like, "The Hills" and stuff named "Chuck Monster" is quoted in the article.

Did I, like, really say that stuff?


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this came up before..

sky villas are still $6300 advance

yeah it was MikeE, on march 2 >

Take that, Steve Cyr.

Yngwie "shreds":

The Hilton was my home away from home in the 1980's. The Mirage was still a glint in Steve Wynn's eye, and there were no Sky Villas on the roof yet. Although I never stayed in one of the suites on the top floors, I roamed the hallways to get glimpses of them. The Santa Fe Suite was my favorite. I have no idea how well it has held up in the intervening decades with the ownership changes. The closest I came was a Lanai Suite on the pool deck floor which really isn't a suite, and the small bathroom wouldn't be acceptable today. However, pre-Steve Wynn and the redefinition of luxury in Las Vegas, The Hilton was the place to stay, play and dine. Le Montrachet may have been the best "gourmet room" in the city. Even the kosher deli next to the casino, Mamchen's, was good.

how did caesars compare back then?

I didn't stay at Caesars then, but on a flight from Detroit to Vegas once, the guy in the seat next to me said nothing could beat Caesars for luxury and quality. The guy behind us piped up that neither The Hilton nor Caesars could compare to the original DI. I guess it all depended on where you felt comfortable.

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