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CityCenter Stinks

By JohnH on Thursday, 17th June 2010 2:31pm
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In anticipation of Aria's December opening, we were all brimming with a multitude of questions about what pedestrian access throughout the resort would be like. How would we get from Aria to the Mandarin Oriental? Mandarin to Crystals? Crystals to Vdara? Aria to Vdara? And what seemed like the most important question of all: How will we get from Vdara - and indeed, the rest of City Center - to Bellagio?

In the hours, days, weeks and months since the December opening, we've gotten got our answers, and sadly, almost each and every one of them involves walking outside of some beautifully air-conditioned environment for at least a small amount of time. Mandarin to Crystals? Outdoor pedestrian bridge. Aria to Vdara? The pedestrian path on Harmon Circle. Aria to Crystals? The Pocket Park.

We can get hung up on a discussion of the heat aspect of all of this outdoor walking, but there's a more pressing matter afoot here, my friends. On a recent trip up to the city, I found myself utilizing the pedestrian bridge between Bellagio and Vdara quite frequently. While making the trip of about twenty to thirty feet from door to door around 11:00 one morning, I was shocked and horrified at what I was being forced to walk through.

No, it wasn't a parade of fist-pumping douche bags, but rather, it was a stench so foul that I almost Ed Hardy-ed all over the floor. The horror, the horror. If any of you remember that pestilence that used to emanate from Caesars, add it to The Plaza Stench and dial them both up to about eleven and you've got this odorous demon. I'm actually having dry heaves just thinking about it. After I overcame my gag reflex, though, I was able to investigate the source of this thing a bit further.

As it turns out, there's a massive sewage line directly below the pedestrian bridge, which seems to cut the distance between Vdara and Bellagio and terminates in the shadow of the Cosmopolitan. And it seems that it was the sewage pumping crews working on that line beneath the bridge that were responsible for this heinous scent.

Now, this may have been a one-off event, but don't you think it would be a good idea to, I don't know, enclose that bridge so you wouldn't have to worry about your paying guests traipsing through something so horrible? Not to mention the fact that they'd no longer have to worry about exposing people to the elements during the summer and winter months. Whether it be enclosing that bridge or simply doing their sewage pumping during the late, late evening/early morning, MGM has to do something about this space.

Now, we're not going to spend much time on how this stench must have affected the adjacent Bellagio/Vdara City Center Tram station, because (a) we didn't really see how the stench affected that guest amenity and (b) there isn't a whole lot that be done to save that feature - maybe enclosing the station in glass, as had originally been envisioned? - but regardless of that, something has to be done about that walk from Vdara to Bellagio. You just cannot put people through that sort of torture.

And no, a strategically placed giant urinal puck isn't going to fix this hot mess.

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"And no, a strategically placed giant urinal puck isn't going to fix this hot mess."

Watch, that will end up being City Center's newest art installation.

The more time I have spent in that area, the more I dislike how the place was designed. Access to the Strip is poor. Walking outdoors between the buildings. The useless tram system... I was in Bellagio last week and a stranger asked me how to get the Aria's poker room. I told him to ride the tram to Monte Carlo and double back. He couldn't figure out why there wasn't a stop for Aria, and neither could I.

There are certain elements of City Center that I really like, but there are plenty of shortcomings that are only becoming more glaring as the honeymoon phase ends.

So their shit DOES stink. Glad we got that settled. Another VT exclusive!

I don't think the outdoor connections at CityCenter are that bad. It goes along with the psuedo "urban" theme (which I suppose the stench would as well). It's not any worse than the familiar mall fare we're constantly subjected to when trying to get anywhere outside of a casino in or between resorts. Not to mention all those ugly, blocky pedestrian bridges around the strip...

Maybe this is the distinguishing feature that Vdara needed. "Are you brave enough to cross the chasm of stench?"

I wonder what the firefighters think of the stink.

They could always take advantage of the stench and sell it as part of an indiana jones themed area-indiana jones and the stench of doom.
The more i read about city center the less i want to check it out. I am heading Vegas way in the fall so going outside shouldnt be an issue but did the designers think that no one was going to go from property to property?

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