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Wynn Las Vegas Lays Off 261 Employees

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th June 2010 4:51pm
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Earlier today, Wynn Las Vegas laid off 261 workers, 220 hourly employees and 41 full timers. Wynn Resorts claims that the remaining employees will return to a 40 hour work week and receive pay increases. Previously, Wynn had furloughed employees to a 32 hour work week as a cost savings measure.

The cuts amount to about 3% reduction of staff.

This is the second time in the last seven days that Wynn Resorts has done an about face on policies they passionately instituted. Last week, we broke the news that Wynn and Encore would be instituting a $20 resort fee on all Resort Room bookings.

Two years ago, Steve Wynn emphatically told investors that there would be no layoffs whatsoever.

I am telling anybody who is interested in our company that under no circumstances will I give any consideration, even for a second, in changing our service levels or disrupting our work force.

The question for us is whether or not this 3% reduction in staff will have any affect on the unparalleled guest experience that Wynn and Encore are known for. If you are planning on visiting Wynn any time soon, please report back if you experience greater than expected service snafus, longer lines, botched housekeeping, questionable restaurant service or any other hiccups that might be related to this.

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Comments & Discussion:

Things may not be as rosy in the Wynn Resorts board room as we thought eh?

I previously stated that Wynn is starting to make MGM look good. Well now it looks like Steve and pals are giving even Harrah's some integrity.

why now... seems really odd. unless for wynn this is also about shifting focus to macau..

I will stay at Encore for four nights in July (hopefully sans resort fee). Our traveling partners will be at Wynn. We will take notes.

I have been a big Wynn fan but the latest news hasn't been very good lately. (ebc trashiness, resort fees, layoffs). I will be there for 4 nights in August and will keep you posted if the place has gone down hill since my previous stays.

The only thing positive I can say about the layoff is the employees laid off were likey the bottom 3% and since the remaining employees are getting their hours brought back to normal they may be more motivated. If you believe the press release overall coverage and service levels should not go down since total hrs will equal out. Not saying I like it but it prob won't have a huge impact. I am much more concerned with ebc... Hope single Steve isn't turning Wynncore into some sleazy bachelor pad.

wynn story was incomplete. not only did they give final paychecks to the 261 without any notice but other full time employees were given the option of losing their full time jobs to take part time jobs with less benefits [known as steady extras] with no guaranteed hours or take a severance package. really this a [morale booster] !they were original hires there for the full 5 years. !

and let's not forget the tip stealing that goes on for the benefit of the pit bosses under the guise of "encouraging better service"

What about those of us who always have had questionable restaurant service? After five visits there, I think closing the Terrace Pointe Cafe would actually make the average service level go up.

I will reserve judgement on this one until I see the results. It seems that the WLV folks already tried to cut costs one way and it didn't work out, leading to this. It will be interesting to see where the cuts came from. 261 is a large number and is hard to think that all of them were back of house people that no one sees or hear from. But they do have a lot going on at Wynncore, we all think the worst automatically, thinking dealers, front desk staff, etc. But who's to say a good chunk of these cuts didn't come from the thearter staff and golf course staff? Places like that could potentially be outsourced to a third party for a big savings, but also a large loss of service.

I guess it remains to be seen, they know there own building and expectations better than we do, atleast we hope they do.

I was told by a friend who works at Wynn that Terrace Pointe was going to lose 1/3 of its space to the new wine bar and close at 3:00 every day.
It is my understanding that Wynn cut some employees, mostly hourly but some salaried, but reinstated others from part time to full? Which should cover the service levels. No?

The difference in payroll from this change is only $3 million a year according to the story I read. 32 hour a week workers will be moved back to 40 and those laid off were the dead wood.

I can absolutely see how it was a moral problem: If you are busting your ass and a great employee and only working a 32 hour week when some slacker still has his job (somebody you are probably working twice as hard to make up for), is it right that the slacker has his job and you take it in the nuts financially?

Steve fired the slackers, gave the better help their hours back. This will have a positive (not negative) aspect.

Steve Wynn does not OWE anybody a job, but he does owe it to his customers to make sure every employee is top notch.

Nothing wrong with trimming the bottom 3% of your staff.

shouldnt there be no slackers to begin with? how did there get to be that many slackers under wynn?

ive read four seasons does a minimum of 4 interviews for any position.

i think outsourcing of some things is probably more likely. presumably we will eventually hear more details.

hey access vegas, if the slackers are being carried explain why the full time massage therapists 15 of them were cut when they make no salary or hourly wage . they get paid commission only when they work and they generate enough money to cover any expenses incurred for them. they are free to the Wynn

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