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Eat Bambi at Luxor's Tender Steakhouse

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th June 2010 2:37am
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Calling all foodies and/or other folks who like to eat weird stuff... did you know that Tender Steak & Seafood at Luxor has "wild game tasting" on their menu?

The current tasting menu includes Northern India's Nilgai antelope, wild boar and the Nepalese Chital deer which also goes by the names 'axis deer,' 'spotted deer' and.... gulp... Bambi. It is also referred by some as the "veal of venison."

They're totally serving Bambi! Pre-twitterpated no less.

wild game tasting - $36
Nilgai antelope osso buco, axis venison medallion and wild boar tenderloin with farro, fig chutney and huckleberry sauce

Come back Westward Ho! Megadog, all is forgiven.

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Comments & Discussion:

mmmmmm medium rare bambi......with a side of mashed Thumper.....

how is deer or boar "weird" ?

good to know there is some quality stuff at luxor! never would have thought.

@kag, it isn't... antelope is weird. bambi is sick.

it's not sick, it's tasty. especially with hollandaise sauce.

i love gamey stuff, including wild venison.

the only "weird" thing ive had must be goat. im not including alligator because of cajun food.

i do have two things i could never eat though - dog (man's best friend) and dolphin (flipper)

so i guess i kind of understand where youre coming from. but the thing with bambi is, outside of japan, you cant even see them up close etc.. so pretty much still seems odd to me, unless the person is a vegetarian/vegan.

"Bambi" (i.e. venison) is utterly delicious. As is wild boar.

I've never had the pleasure of eating antelope, but if people are feeling squeamish over venison, their loss. It truly is wonderful and it doesn't taste "wierd" or "wrong" or anything like that. And wild boar isn't far removed from pork.

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