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Mmmm Life!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th June 2010 5:35am
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In an interview with Norm!, MGM Mirage CEO Jim Murren made two interesting remarks.

The first: MGM Mirage, soon to be known as MGM Resorts International, was not going to sell the Mirage as has been rumored for eons.

The second: after two years of thinking and studying, MGM Mirage will soon embark on a new marketing brand strategy called "MLife" which Murren says will be a "more comprehensive loyalty program." Yay... finally MGM Mirage will be offering comps for bottle service, dining expenditure and dropping a boatload in their shopping promenades.

There's just one problem. MLife is the name of a brand marketing campaign AT&T did at the dawn of mobile age. The domain name MLife.com resolves to att.com. Based on how long it took AT&T 3g service to come to ARIA, I don't see the two parties agreeing on a transfer of the domain name no matter how big the cardboard check the Sheik's of Dubai sign.

And what about the resort that has M as a name? Oh thats right, MGM Mirage owns a bunch of points in it.

Since the resorts seem to be taking suggestions from us lately, how about these:

eMilf.com - an anagrams of mLife.com, which perfectly describes half of the resorts in MGM Mirage's portfolio.

MFLife.com - MFL is ripe acronym for a internet meme and exactly how I feel when trying to check into ARIA.

iFlem.com - what you expect to get from a productive hack.

MeLif.com - kinda like "have you met life?" but lemon pledged.

Flime.com - what I found in the bathroom of the resort that isn't for sale.

FMLie.com - might work great for radio ads or a campaign targeted at people who hate Microsoft's web browser.

IMelf.com - we should all send instant messages to elves.

Help me Jim Murren, you're my only _______.

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks like they're building off their not-so-interesting M The Lifestyle Magazine of MGM Mirage.

eFilm.com: Like YouTube except the clips must be shot on MGM properties. Thirty d-bags crowding into a suite at MGM Grand before a day at Wet Republic, some strange clown porn at Circus-Circus, that kind of thing.

look forward to seeing what they offer for spend...

big question - will FS and MO (and harmon) be included or excluded? if excluded, will it just be hotel charges, as opposed to F&B/spa/etc?

this could be an interesting additional incentive for residence owners as well...

How about Metlife.com, since City Center looks like an insurance company headquarters anyway?


mtropy.com - if only because it's mine and I'd like a lot of money for it please nice Mr Murren. Casino credit accepted as an alternative to cash :)

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