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Imperial Palace Guests Rejoice...

By MikeE on Saturday, 12th June 2010 1:27am
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...while Caesars Palace guests get the shaft.

It started with a cross property buffet promotion. Pay for one buffet and gorge yourself at any Harrah's joint in Vegas. Kind of nice if you've discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch (pat yourself on the back if you know where that reference is from).

What's not kind of nice is their latest cross property promotion. Starting now, guests staying at any Harrah's property can use pools between one another and they're even welcoming guests of other properties for a fee. The details are here.

Not cool and here's why.

Harrah's isn't exactly known to have the best pools in town. Their top three are Caesars, Flamingo, and Rio. Flamingo is charging a minimum of $15 for males staying in other Harrah's properties and more for everyone else. Rio is fee-free, but their location sucks too much to make it worth a trip. Caesars on the other hand? Free to all Harrah's guests. You know what that means? A mass exodus of people staying in craptastic pool properties - Imperial Palace, Bally's, Paris, Harrah's, and Planet Hollywood - will migrate across the street to Caesars whose pool is already no stranger to crowding. Any surplus and Flamingo may even take the butt of that despite their penis tax.

Cross property buffets? Cool. Cross property coupons? We hope. Cross property amenities that people staying in the better resorts are paying a pretty penny for? That's casino resort communism.

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Comments & Discussion:

I agree, bad move. I could maybe see a once-a-week, $$-per-head pool party like Rehab to goose the bottom line, but not this. I don't know why they'd want to screw their top-tier customers like that.

You forgot to mention Bill's as a feeder hotel. It doesn't even have a pool, and Bill's guests will have the shortest walk of all.

I left Bill's out since they weren't specifically mentioned and the policy on them is weird. I know they've been allowed to use Flamingo's facilities for several months now. I'm just not sure if they fall under the umbrella of "Harrah's" with this promotion since they've always been somewhat of a bastard child to the company (ie: no Total Rewards).

'use the facilities' hee hee. yes, i'm 40 going on 8.

On the bright side, it will reduce the D-bag quotient at the other pools. That's a "Woo-hoo!" for those of us who can't afford Caesars (or a Nelson Muntz "Ha-ha!).

Good article Mike. The quality of the pool is something I strongly consider when deciding on where to stay. A couple of years ago my wife and I had dinner at Rao's and decided to walk around Caesars pool to kill time before our show started. The pool area overall looked absolutely filthy. Granted, it was at the end of the day, but I had been at Bellagio's pool late in the day several times and had never seen it look at messy at Caesars did that day. Can't imagine adding more customers from other Harrah's properties would help matters.

Wow, this now makes the MGM/Wynn resort fee a small price to pay for quality.

I completely agree with you. Nothing ticks me off more than paying to stay in a nice property with a superior pool and then being crowded out of the pool area by people who were too cheap to do the same. Can't say I'm surprised Harrahs would do something so stupid, though. They'll have to learn the hard way that they messed up on this one.

I have to agree this is bad news. In April when I visited the Flamingo pool it was a madhouse, and not in that fun/party kind of way, so many chairs and crap stacked around there literally was barely room to walk or even to extend your seat out to lay down.

The one positive though, is if you just want some sun and a pool to layout in with no hassle, perhaps IP and Harrahs might be a better choice now.

Although as I found out in talking to a host about a possible stay coming up at the IP that they charge $30/night for a pool view room. Seriously, the host claimed it's been policy for 7 years, and pointed to the reservation page that said additional upgrade fees could apply. So if you are at the IP, you can view their horrible pool for an upgrade fee, get a view of the mountains, or get a strip view for no cost, that has Carnival court noise til 4am and starts back at 10am.

I'm starting to think that MGM with their resort fees maybe a far better option on an annual basis. At least NYNY posts $5/night upgrade fee for strip views and typically I've found drinks at the pools are about $2-$3 cheaper then at HET properties.

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