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VT Tweet Of The Week: @askirby

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 11th June 2010 4:37pm
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We're starting a new regular Friday feature here called... VT Tweet of the Week. Every Friday - instead of doing the Follow Friday nonsense - we post our favorite tweet of the week.

This week's VT Tweet Of The Week comes from Adam Kirby @askirby who writes:

Tweet of the Week
Just checked in to our free room at Sahara. In a word: depressing. So depressing that we are relocating to Treasure Island for $160.

Which he followed up with:

Officially my shortest ever hotel stay: 20 minutes.

Congratulations @askirby, you are the very first VT Tweet Of The Week!

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Comments & Discussion:

Hang tight... I am in a mood:

So... this guy is a F&B expert?!?!? Hotel geek? Former somebody for some hotels magazine...

And he only got comped (or got a media comp at)... (drum roll please....)......



If he has no problem busting out $160 a night, he could have politely turned down his Sahara comp and got himself a damn fine room somewhere else for that chunk of change.

Sorry... this makes zero sense.

Speaking of...

Now where is that twitter/24k guy who has all of Las Vegas convinced that his Twitter followers actually are bothering with anything he says? Just asking since he has a zillion followers but TwitPic stuff from Encore Beach Club (and it is a DAMN HOT PHOTO) that he RETWEETS has 135 views 10 hours later: http://twitpic.com/1vxred (IE, nobody is reading or clicking on his stuff)

If you can't get 25,000 people to even look at a TwitPic of hot ass that you retweet on a Friday night (when everybody is off work and has plenty of time to gawk)...


Hell... I got 40 people to look at a non-named photo (ooops... forgot to describe it before uploading) of killer Brazilian models shooting a TV commercial and photo shoot downtown on Fremont Thursday late night. Reference: http://twitpic.com/1vrc6y And we don't push our Twitter feed and only have 1500 people following it (because I don't think Twitter is the next big thing).

Oh... I need to use the word EXCLUSIVE... as my brother from out-of-town got kick-ass pics and vids on his iPhone (which will be posted when he gets them to me, he was in transit all day). Oh... wait... I'm not Robin Leach. So, I'm not allowed to use that word (quietly... EXCLUSIVE... totally hot models from Brazil doing a commercial in Vegas). Big ass commercial shoot downtown and Robin was at home... dreaming of the word EXCLUSIVE.

Before this sound like sour grapes on any sort... no... I'm laughing my ass off. Huge props to VT and Hunter and Friess and even Rex for turning out content that I love to read. Real content that people read, not 140 characters stuff.

Hell... that twitpic of the hot ass at Encore Beach Club will get double the views from VT readers than it got for a guy who has 25,000 twitter followers. Just from my response post here.

PS to ChuckMonster: Was at CVS at Sahara and Valley View 7 PM Friday and as I got out of my car to walk in the store, a guy was BLASTING "Rainbow In The Dark" from his car. I had a tear in my eye. Ronnie James Dio will be missed by all of us for the rest of our lives.

dude. that is one seriously epic rant. way to put the pedal to the metal.

and yes... dio lives always. i'm glad that his music touched you as much as it has and continues to touch me. search youtube for "dio budweiser" for another treat.

you have to admit web 2.0 is "the now"

im still anti-web 2.0 and dont participate in any way

"the future" will certainly be interesting, and most likely ridiculous

@accessvegas did you also see the photo shoot get shut down? We were shooting craps at Binion's when the photographer plugged his lights into Binion's power without asking and was quickly told to pack up by security. And the models could have eaten a sandwich or two, the made Kate Moss look fat. And on an unrelated note we found $1 craps at Binion's that night!

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