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Wynn Resort Fee: Wynn Responds To You

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 11th June 2010 4:10pm
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I just got a message from Wynn Resorts spokesperson Jennifer Dunne in reference to the raging discussion inspired by the addition of a $20 resort fee to all Resort room bookings.

After reading our post about how the fees are hidden deep within some hidden fine print and the feedback that you have offered in the comments on this and all the other Wynn Resort Fee posts, they have decided to make some changes in how the fees are displayed on the website.

We have been watching the chatter online about the new resort fee and as a result are making changes to the way it appears on the booking engine. It may take a day or two to get it live, but it is coming soon. There are limitations on space and formatting which prohibit us from putting all details on the page itself, but they will be one short click away!

Regardless of your opinion about the resort fee itself, it is good to see a resort responding to the constructive discussion we've been having here. I've said it before and I will say it again... VegasTripping's readers are the best. Y'all are smart, funny, thoughtful, honest and creative non-curmudgeons whose opinions actually shape and change the policies of the casino/resorts that we all love.


Comments & Discussion:

As a working designer it is my opinion that the line about "there are limitations on space and formatting which prohibit us from putting all details on the page itself" is BS. Believe me, if it was a legal issue they would find a way to make it all fit on that page. Wynncore is choosing to keep the details hidden. Thanks for jumping on this.

I think my post helped convience them to make the right decision. Good job Wynn Resorts.

You crack me up Brian, even when you're not joking :-)

My #1 issue: it was a truly hidden fee. My #2: no fee for Tower Suites meant marginal upgrade costs for the inevitably rowdy EBC crowd. No thank you.

With #1 being addressed in combination with the overall lowering of rates across the board, I can't say I'm really offended by the resort fee. In fact, for most dates, I see it as a slightly lower overall costs plus free internet.

Bravo to Wynn Resorts because, even if Jennifer Dunne's response wasn't the resolution most were hoping for, it's great to see that they've kept their eyes and ears open to our community.

Behold the power of VegasTripping. We'll bend them to our will. Fuck yeah!

Six days later and all they did what spell out what is included in the resort fee. Its still hidden under the "Terms and Conditions" link.

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