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Wynn Resort Fee : The Fine Print

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 11th June 2010 4:05am
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Wynn Las Vegas' reservation system is back online and now features the fine print of the resort fee, squirreled away under the "Terms and Conditions" link / checkbox AFTER you put in your credit card and before you click the "Verify Reservation Details" link... i.e. make the payment.

Talk about hidden fees. They have literally hidden any and all mention of it.... imagine what will happen when folks show up to check in and are greeted with a "that will be $100 Admiral Hillegas." "But... uh... I paid for the room in full on the website!" "Yes Admiral Hillegas, you did pay for all of your room rate charges via our website. In addition to the $200 / night incidentals hold, we charge a resort fee of $20 per night which comes with free wifi access, daily spa passes and other great amenities... smooch smooch kiss kiss tongue tongue Admiral Hillegas Sir."

Wynn Customer Service Win!

Fine print peekaboo:

A daily resort fee of $20 plus tax will be added to your room account, which entitles you to receive certain complimentary select hotel amenities. The total shown for your online reservation does not include this daily fee.

Kiss kiss smooch smooch tongue tongue.

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Comments & Discussion:

It doesn't seem right not to display the resort fee with the room rates and taxes. It seems they are trying to hide it.
Also, the information is very vague. Are the Tower Suites rooms also paying for the resort fee? What is included on this resort fee? Saying guest will receive certain complimentary select hotel amenities just doesn't work. Show this fee with the total guest will pay and list the amenities included on it. The Wynn folks should check Treasure Island website. They do visibly list the resort fee and what services are included.
I think I'll go back to Bellagio next time in Vegas... Hate the feeling of being fooled.

So the $20 resort fee would entitle me to "receive certain complimentary select hotel amenities." A quick question for the Wynn folks: If I pay $20 for something, in what way is my receipt of that thing "complimentary?"

Hell. Wynn's been getting so much "Kiss kiss smooch smooch tongue tongue" from you guys lately that maybe he figures he can bone ya any which way he wants to. And make no mistake about it, hiding it in Terms & Conditions is really slipping it in the back door uninvited if you know what I mean.

For five years, Steve's dulcet tones have introduced his website with the words, "We've filled our website with surprises. Now, go find the surprises." I guess it took five years to come up with this surprise, but it's not the kind I've been looking for. It did take me a few minutes to find the Terms and Conditions with the Resort Fee language. Even though I could click on it before entering my credit card info, how many will do that, and how many actually read Terms and Conditions at all? Wynn. Grrrrr!

A real candidate for fail of the year.

This is an awful idea. Sure, it will generate revenue--my quick calculations say somewhere in the range of $72,000 more a night. That's about $45 million more for the year, which isn't pocket change.

But there are better ways to get that money--how about marketing the amenities more aggressively? Or just raising rates gradually? This nickel and dime stuff isn't going to encourage guests to open their wallets.

I still think the tiered model is the way to go. You can't go wrong in giving people options.

I thought Wynn was a smart cookie. It's dumb marketing to add a fee after the fact. Most of the airlines and booking agencies have learned to give you the total cost, including taxes and all sundry charges. The front line people will be dealing with a lot of pissed off guests thats for sure.

I'll be the first to admit, that I'm not smart enough to know if this is a good move or a bad move to add a Resort Fee. I thought it was somewhat of a advantage to not have this fee, because it gave them a competitive advantage. I know people that only fly SouthWest for example, so they don't have to pay the baggage fee. However, Wynn was one of the last hold outs in town to add this fee. I was unaware until i researched it last night, that even Venlazzo has jumped on this bandwagon. And now, I have absolutely no doubt that Aria and Bellagio will be implementing it any day now. I think they only hold out, was because Wynn didn't have one. I am a shareholder, and we have faith in Steve to run this company, and make us money. He has done a great job of this so far, so I'll leave the business decision of this in his capable hands. However, if this fee is not shown and listed fairly, that is very wrong, and a horrible business decision. If customers feel like they were mislead, or deceived, they will remember that, and they will hold a grudge. Like them or hate them, MGM does clearly show and state these resort fees on each reservation, upfront. I'll be at Encore for several days next week, and I can assure you, as a concerned shareholder, if I see Steve, and I usually do, I'll share my concerns with him. This needs to be corrected. They have every right to charge a Resort Fee, but don't hide it.

Right now Wynn reps are saying that if you made reservations before yesterday that you won't be charged the resort fee. I'll be curious to hear from Brian or anyone else who stays there soon (and made reservations prior to this) if they try to slip the fee in somehow. Has anyone else stayed at any of the MGM places or Venelazzo and have had them try to slip the fee in, even if you had booked prior to the fee's implementation?

If Wynn uses Opera PMS on their reservation system, there should be any excuse for mistakenly charging the resort fee on reservations made prior 7/10. When you make a reservation, the date of the booking can never be changed (even if changes such as arrival/departure dates, room types, room rates are made). In order to add any extra charge one has to: 1. Cancel an existing reservation and make a new one (which automatically would add the resort fee); Or 2. Add it manually on the existing reservation. Now, with the folks at Wynn trying to hide it from their guests, I would suggest anyone who made a reservation to bring a copy of the confirmation with the date it was made and the total agreed to be paid.
Sad to see a resort with such prestige managing this resort fee thing in a very unprofessional way.

after wynn bellagio does seem possible

mgm grand will probably wait a while, because renovation will let them raise room rates

that will just leave skylofts and mansion, as well as MO and FS

After having a sleep on this, I realized I am not a fan. It is essentially forcing people to buy amenities - 'Oh you did not want internet or to visit the gym? Too bad, you now *have* to pay for it, even if you don't use it'

Kage, MGM Grand did start a $10/night resort fee earlier this week.

Really, really lousy. When I make a hotel reservation or other purchase online, and the statement reads "total with tax," I expect that to be, you know, the TOTAL!

Whether or not resort fees are fair depends on the services the guest gets, and which of those he/she uses. The usefulness can be debated. However, burying the resort fee in the terms and conditions is total CRAP. Steve should be ashamed.

Unlike most people here on VT, I'm not a worshipper at the altar of Steve Wynn. I find his properties, while beautiful, to be somewhat stuffy and overpriced. This certainly increases the chances that I'll remain a Wynn virgin.

hail2skins (hail victory!)

haha. i realize i read about mgm grand resort fee the other day. genius!

count the days to bellagio...

Fuck you Steve!

^^hank bringing that beat back... classic.

I feel sorry for the poor check-in clerks that have to handle the nonstop upset guests and deal with their (justifiable) anger over the resort fee. It just seems unfair that check-in has to deal with more stress from guests while the saps who implemented the resort fee are safely tucked away in their offices collecting the profits.

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