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Update: Wynn Las Vegas Adds Resort Fee

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 10th June 2010 1:15pm
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From the anonymous tip line comes word that Wynn Las Vegas and Encore have added a $20 resort fee to their standard rooms. Our attempt to confirm this reveals that the Wynncore reservation system is down... gulp.

We've sent an inquiry to Wynn Resorts PR folks and will update when we hear back.

Here is the official statement from Wynn Resorts:

In an ongoing effort to enhance our guests' resort experience, Wynn Las Vegas and Encore has implemented a $20 resort fee to all resort room reservations. Responding directly to extensive customer feedback, the resort fee will offer value to customers with a bundling of the most sought-after amenities. Effective June 10, 2010, the mandatory resort fee will be applied to all resort rooms. The daily fee will provide guests with the following amenities during their stay:

Complimentary access to the fitness center (a value of $30 per person/per day)

Complimentary in-room Internet access (value of $13.99 per day)

Complimentary local, domestic long distance and toll free calls

Complimentary printing of boarding passes

So... worth it?

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Comments & Discussion:

I expect wifi at the very least. Throw in spa (and not just fitness facility) and I'll be 100% okay with said fee.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was actually going to bring up this question to Steve on the last Wynn Resorts conference call. I know people that won't fly anything but Southwest, due to the baggage fees. I've also heard of many people on various sites, and boards, that say they will not book MGM properties any longer due to the resort fees. So its my opinion, that one could argue the case, that it was to Wynn's advantage to not charge these fees. As a fellow Wynn lover, I will not stay at other properties due to this, but I have to wonder if others will? I have to assume this will only apply to new reservations, not current ones. I only ask because I have 6 rooms booked there for next week.

Luxury hotels should not have a resort fee. Bellagio doesn't.

If I recall, WLV went on the record at one point saying they would 'never' have a resort fee. If true, bummer.

Do MGM properties' resort fees include wi-fi?
As long as the wi-fi signal in the hotel is actually strong enough to reach all of the rooms at a reputable speed, I'd pay the resort fee. The internet and boarding printing access is good enough for me. That's a lot per day though. Lower it to $15 and we'll call it even.
I know Venetian's resort fee includes a newspaper and water?? That is not worth it.

Yeah all that stuff is worth it then.

I still absolutely hate it when they make it sound like they're doing us a favor though. Of all the potential Vegas guests who would easily pick up on someone insulting their intelligence, it'd be Wynn guests..and they should know better.

I agree that luxury properties should not charge resort fees. In Wynn/Encore's case, most guests will only use internet access, so that's $6.01 additional revenue on probably 80% of the rooms. Add up the room nights per year, and it's a smart financial move considering that most Wynn guests won't stay elsewhere. By the way, I've never been charged for printing boarding passes at any Vegas hotel.
Here's a resort fee site. Don't know whose it is:

To 'enhance the guest experience' is total BS. It's to make some more money. If not, just lower the prices on the above amenities and make them optional. That would be an enhancement.

Does anyone else find it a bit of a sham that they value the fitness center access at $30 when they currently offer full spa day passes at $35?

I don't see much value in it. On past trips, the only service among these four I've used has been the internet access.

"To make your stay better, we're charging you an extra $20 a night whether you use these services or not." Booooo. Hissssss. Quit calling it a "resort fee", just bump the room prices up and tell us we're getting all that stuff on the house. Tacking on a hidden fee for something I'm not going to use does NOT "enhance my resort experience", it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me less likely to come back. HUGE thanks to Harrah's for having the decency to not charge resort fees.

Make it optional. One size doesn't fit all, and there's no way that this is going to be "convenient" for a big chunk of their guests. I wonder if they saw the same visitor stats the rest of us did.

Man I was really hoping it would include spa as I'll go to the spa every day but likely won't touch the fitness center. Including wifi was an improvement. Do they have an adequate signal throughout the property?

Also, is this just on resort level rooms or will it apply to TS and above?

If it doesn't apply to TS rooms, then that further cuts down the price difference between resort and TS and could slightly impact the clientle booking on the TS side.

Here's the problem with resort fees that include Internet access. Many employers (mine included) will reimburse employees for Internet usage charges when traveling. Mine will even reimburse for Internet charges incurred while the employee is ON VACATION, if keeping in touch with email, etc. is required.

But, the hotel statement has to clearly reflect the daily charge for Internet access. When it's rolled into the resort fee like this, I suspect many employers will balk at reimbursing a resort fee that also includes spa access, or free beverages, etc., etc.

Guess I'm sticking with HET properties for as long as they resist the urge to enact these stupid fees.

This ruined my day... I have two reservations with Wynn at the moment I am assuming it only applies to new reservations. I vaughley remember Wynn at one point speaking negatively on resort fees but I could be mistaken. Its not the worst resort fee in the world, in fact it is somewhat fair but I agree throw in Spa access.

This should not effect current reservations. I have received this from a unnamed inside source. Which is only fair. I'd be much more ok with this fee, if i knew/expected it going in.

Although Wynncore reservation system is down I went to a couple travel sites and they all show the $20 resort fee. Saw this coming...

Caesars Palace just zinged Wynn in their Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/CaesarsPalace

"Did you hear another luxury resort on the Strip started charging a $20/nt resort fee today? Good news: we still don't. http://bit.ly/aNvFOw"

Damn Dave.. I was just posting that!

Gotta be quick on the draw out here. :)

Question: I hit the gym/spa everyday. Will I have the option of paying for the resort fee upon check in with a reservation done before 7/10? Also, how many passes are included: one or two?
I kind of like it since I use all these services daily.

To their credit, I've been following the room rates pretty closely and the overall rack rates have been lowered across the board since yesterday.

I think a resort should charge what it needs to charge for a room. But don't insult us with a mandatory fee and act like you are doing us s favor.

huh. i guess its ok because its $74 worth of stuff plus long distance calls?

"fitness center" incl spa public areas?

If they really were "Responding directly to extensive customer feedback" then they would discover that everyone despises resort fees.
Major fail.

What?! No bottles of complimentary water?!?


Let's see. Wynn and Encore have 4,750 rooms. If they operate at 90% occupancy, that's 4,275 rooms x 365 days = 1,560,375 room nights. If they gain $6 a night in additional revenue, that's $9.3 Million a year. Steve Wynn is rapidly losing credibility with the "enhance our guests' resort experience" BS. I'd rather stay at Caesars Augustus Tower as a protest.

Mandarin Oriental is a protest.
Caesars' Augustus Tower is just masochism.

Looks like the online reservation system is up and Wynn is hiding the resort fee under the "Terms and Condition" link, unlike the MGM properties and Venalazzo, which eventually spell out the terms with the resort fee depending on how far you are along in the process.

People keep saying "well, its only xxx more" but when is enough enough? If you and a friend want to stay at Wynn/Encore its $50 more for two beds. Then to use the Beach Club its $30-40. And now an additional $20. Sadly, I really can't see Aria and Bellagio holding against the tide much longer.

Downtown and the Nugget are looking better and better, although I don't even know how long it'll be before resort fee-mania infests downtown.

re ADR >

MGM says every $1 increase in ADR means ~$11MM increase in EBITDA (and this excludes aria, vdara, MO) and resort fees dont have room tax

mar 9 and mar 26 >

Well if you're going to be upset about a $20/day resort fee, the $40 a day Valet fee at MO if you have a car has to be worse if you actually want to park at your home property.

Anyone know what the current SPA daily fee is at Encore. Last time I was at the Wynn, they did charge a resort fee which included fitness center access, but the SPA access was extra $40 or $45. I would only pay that much for SPAs at Caesars or Venetian.

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