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Monte Carlo: Your Gateway To Failure

By MikeE on Wednesday, 9th June 2010 9:29am
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VT reader Antman73 gave us the heads up on Monte Carlo's much-needed website redo over on the board. Now, I'm no web design expert, but I've got enough experience to know that a resort's home page generally has their strip presence prominently displayed front and center. But take a moment to look at Monte Carlo's refreshed website. Like a photo-bombing asshole at a wedding, there's Aria proudly displaying her 21st-century curves over the shoulder of the aging cougar.

Before Aria opened its doors, MC started tossing around potential ideas of catch phrases, one of them boasting themselves as "your gateway to CityCenter." Now they're fully banking on it and this shot certainly isn't shying away from that notion.

But this might have been a good idea back in 2009 when MGM Mirage thought CityCenter would change the face of Las Vegas and become the "capital of the New World." A time when we had to "remember to breathe" at edifices with presences so powerful that "words would fail us." It was for a time when they actually thought Aria would surpass Bellagio as their new flagship. Needless to say, our breathing's been fine and words have been written aplenty.

Monte Carlo as the gateway to CityCenter? Considering Aria's dismal occupancy rates, cutthroat pricing, Vdara's terrible sales, and lawsuits galore, that's akin to El Cortez boasting itself as the gateway to Neonopolis - not exactly something to be proud of.

It's about time Monte Carlo were marketed for exactly what it is - a budget option with an excellent location. The casual Vegas visitor will find that far more appealing.

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Comments & Discussion:

Sadly, CityCenter isn't just featured on Monte Carlo's main page. The site's room descriptions make it look like every room (outside of "Hotel 32") has a wonderful view of CityCenter as well:

As stated, the most appealing thing about Monte Carlo isn't the proximity to CityCenter, but the rates as low as $35 a night (or maybe lower than that, who knows)!

Eh, I disagree. The average Vegas visitor is curious about CityCenter, and yet knows none of the negatives. The typical tourist doesn't know jack about Aria's occupancy rate, Vdara's sales record, or the lawsuits.

The average tourist knows that CityCenter is the newest, shiniest kid on the block. Monte Carlo is smart to position themselves as the cheap way to stay adjacent to CC.

I see LOTS of people on the TripAdvisor forum planning to "check out" Aria on their next trip. If they can't afford to stay there, a decent number might think of MC as the next best thing.

i also disagree....sounds as if you are harboring some deep-seated resentment towards city center, mgm grand, or both!! they not comping you as you think you should be or what????

Actually, my next post is going to be about how beautiful Aria looked on ABC recently. So no, nothing against CityCenter, but I just don't think it's the world renown complex it was hoping to be to justify anything being its "gateway". Maybe in time, but not yet. MC would still be far better positioned as "the heart of the strip" or something along those lines than the "gateway of CC".

Jeez, the MC homepage even has an Aria special offer waving at you on the top corner. That's just wrong. The MC team has gotta be steamed about that.

I preferred MC when it was the gateway to Boardwalk.

"I preferred MC when it was the gateway to Boardwalk"

Amen. But that Clown still gave me chills.

Seems like MC is having a little identity crisis. Its like a fat chick walking up beside a slightly less fat chick thinking itll make her look better because shes hanging around more attractive people. When in reality, she just looks crappy by comparison.

How about the "easiest way to get into CC", since the pedestrian entrance for CC is a clusterfuck.

Agreed, jinx. Coming from the south, cutting through Monte Carlo is BY FAR the easiest path into CC.

I still think, with respect to the average Vegas visitor, positioning MC as part of CityCenter is a great idea.

Monte Carlo...the place you stay at if you can't afford City Center

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