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Awesome: El Cortez' Gambling Gourmet

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 7th June 2010 9:33am
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While the big casinos are spending a coupla hundred thousand dollars a month farting around with iPhone apps that nobody is gonna use or paying 5 people to monitor their Twitter and Facebook feeds for complaints, the increasingly keen folks at the El Cortez have knocked their walnuts together and come out with one of the most useful pieces of technology we've seen in a great long while - The Gambling Gourmet. Check out their truly bitchin' logo! Clever.

El Cortez Gambling Gourmet

The premise is simple... lets say you and yours are five Appletini's into a really hot gambling session at the Triple Diamond Haywire dollar slots when you get this pang in your stomach - whoa, shit... I'm drunk and I've got to eat!

What do you do? Cash out in the middle of a producer? Any slot momma will tell you that when the slots are freakin' hot, quitting is absolutely NOT an option. Send your cousin the cooler to go get you some Fritos? Start gnawing on your wrist? Post to Twitter what type of predicament you are in and hope that the @ecvegas comp faeries will come drop their famous Walleye special in your lap?

At El Cortez, the solution is simple... ask the waitress for a menu from Gambling Gourmet (the basic cafe menu) make a selection and they will deliver the food to you right next to your favorite game.

It sure is amazing what can be done when a hotel installs the ultimate Las Vegas app - customer service.


Comments & Discussion:

If they would build even a dinky pool, I would stay there and play there. I love that place.

A pool is definitely in the cards--I saw the plans when I was in the executive offices a while ago.

And this is a great idea that I'm surprised no one else has done.

Dave, a pool is seriously in the cards? Theres only two things that stop me from being a frequent guest

1) No pool
2) That walk from the end of fremont creeps the hell out of me late at night. Especially when drunk.

The addition of a pool might be enough to tip the scales for me.

The pool is slated to be next to the Cabana Suites, if the design stuff I saw is going to happen. They seemed pretty serious about it.

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