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Aria: We Welcome Wifebeaters!

By MikeE on Thursday, 3rd June 2010 2:24am
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When the hype of CityCenter died, we were left with real reports of (mostly) bad service from the likes of Aria and Vdara. Fortunately, there were inevitable improvements as expected, but let's face it - we're not reading reviews from people head-over-heels smitten for anything within CityCenter outside of Mandarin Oriental.

But I, for one, have always given Aria credit for providing a scarce rarity this day in age: free semi-top shelf booze to serve yourself with any Sky Suites reservation. It's an amenity previously afforded only to those who've experienced RFB-level comps at Bellagio and its equivalents and it'll get me patronizing Aria long before any restaurants or in-room technology they boast of.

I predicted it wouldn't be long for this world. The good news? You can still grab a drink and some small bites for free. The bad news? The word is out in the worst possible way. When I asked VT reader Michael Lu via Twitter for an update, this is what I got in response:


I tried to reassure myself that it was perhaps a one-off weekend. Surely, word hasn't gotten out on one of my favorite Vegas secrets. I was wrong. Another update via text from a friend in town staying at Sky Suites over Memorial Day:


Ugh. Nice knowing you, Aria.

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See those "wife beaters" make make certain people look like douchebags, but sometimes that's the style. Like the beach, you go to the beach here and everyone wears them with swimtrunks. It's not really a "trashy" thing. But then again everyone from Florida dresses like they're at the beach all the time.
I know the point of this, it's people abusing the freebies. I don't see how half of these people can afford to come to Vegas. A guy gets together with 5 or 6 of his "homeboys" they all throw in , get the cheapest plane tickets possible, spend everything they have getting a room at the Hard Rock or the Palms for 2 nights, then come to Vegas with no money. Like when you see a pack of them around one slot machine, one of them is playing it, the cocktail waitress comes by, and they ALL order a beer even though only one is playing the machine. Who the hell goes to Vegas with no money???
But then they all go back home and brag to their friends about the "bad ass time" (AKA 72 hours) they had in Vegas.

I didn't even know what a Wifebeater was until a couple months ago. The Host at a South Florida steakhouse told me he had to refuse entry to a Wifebeater. Like a dope, I asked how he knew the guy beat his wife.

heh, this would be a reason to increase rates again. :D

how does it compare to bellagio suite lounge?

im assuming palazzo lounge and hotel32 lounge are not as good.

Las Vegas, during Memorial day weekend and other major holidays during the summer time, is one of the top destinations to d-bags. I've seen them at the SkyLofts, Wynn/Encore Tower Suites lobbies, and even at the Villas at Bellagio. As a matter of fact, the majority of people who go to Vegas during this time (and weekends) are d-bags. That's one reason why I always go during the weekdays. You can see them arriving on Fridays morning, when I am saying good-bye and heading back to New York.

Give the 'bags credit where credit is due....they always make me feel better about myself, probably make you feel the same way too.

Another d-bag trend-walking around the hallways with no shirt on.
I have seen this multiple times during my last trips at the Mirage.
I don't need to see man boobs masquerading as muscular pecs when I need to get some ice.
I hate douchebags.

Thank god for the Wynncore tower suites. That place would run off the wifebeater in a heart beat...

It was a Flip up between the SkySuites and the Mandarin, I had Great offer the Mandarin Exec Suite , but was still wondering "Maybe it isn't that Bad, they have had time to Improve", this swung it, one booking at the MO Made. Thanks Mike!

Well anyplace that lets BJ and I back in can't be considered too classy.....

Snob, much?

I mean that in the kindest of ways, btw. It's the start of the summer season. The city is running commercials about soaking up the sun and being in the pool all the time. Nowhere in there do they recommend wearing fine suits, delicately tasting wine, and making metaphors to renaissance artists.

You should probably just avoid Vegas for this period if you don't like this kind of thing. I promise you that they'll take their shirts with them and the Chinese Lion outside various Wynn properties won't become Ed Hardy lions or anything. It'll all seem like a distant memory...

bellagio villas on a weekend? jesus christ. at least they have money.

snob? seriously?

I am with you guys. I move that we convene the Security Council forthwith and condemn this atrocity!!!

Oddly on my visits to the lounge there has never been anyone but us, and maybe a couple kids grabbing a coke.

Little did MGM Mirage know comping my that room would result in a 2 cent hit to 1st quarter earnings due to heavy losses in the sky suite inventory. Then again had they not assigned me a non-existant room I wouldn't have ended up with 8 keys.

I would rate Bellagio VIP lounge pretty well, Jose mixes a helluva drink, but it gets a little crowded with the lack of separation from the check-in area. And there is one brunette who likes to shoot daggers to intimidate the uninvited (without effect of course). They do have 3 slightly different keys for that area now but I've never been asked for one.

The Encore tower suites invited guest area is another favorite, although they would do better to not have an attendant than to risk offending some of their high-rollers with the very polite, but inexperienced folks I've seen in there the past few visits.

I've never gone in the Wynn version but I'm sure Mike could comment on that lounge.

I dont think guys walking around in wifebeaters (which in chicago were called dago-t's before wifebeater became trendy)is the image that was in the minds of the ownership. It makes the place look low rent.

to say them on that pic are dbags and cant afford 2 pay for there own beer,iv jus spotted out the 1 of them plays in the english premier leauge... so im sure that they had a suite and is allowed 2 drink his hooch also!!!!

iv know eye deea wut u r takin boot.

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