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From The Mailbag : Trippies?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 28th May 2010 11:44pm
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Every once in a while someone sends us an email that tickles our fancy enough to want to share it with y'all.

This letter comes from Karen S. who writes:

Where is the list of the 2010 best and worst list? This is the worst webpage in the world!! How could it have been voted the best? You have to search and search and search and search,.....get it? Please,..simplify things and get a new webmaster.

My response to her:

Hi Karen, Voting for the 2010 Trippies starts in September, the most recent awards are for the 2009 calendar year. The most recent Trippies Best and Worst Of Las Vegas awards are linked to on a gigantic graphic right smack dab in the middle of our home page. I'm sorry you had such difficulty locating it, I honestly don't think we could make it any brighter or larger. Just in case you still can't find it, here's the link: http://www.vegastripping.com/trippies2009/.

Best of luck,


Yes....... I bit my tongue. See? I'm not an asshole ALL the time!

Karen's diatribe against my talents as a webmeister aside, her complaint does bring up an issue worth discussing. Since we've been doing The Trippies, we've always labeled the award cycle using the year in which visits happened and votes were cast. Due to having two years in a row of major casino openings in mid-December, the announcement of the winners has creeped ever later into the following year which makes the labeling kinda weird.

I've thought about this a bit and see three options.

First : we don't do anything and keep it the way it is.

Second: Drop the year naming convention and go with a "6th Annual Trippies" thing.

Third: We change the name to the year the awards are announced, not voted on. This would mean that we skip the 2010 year and go right to 2011.

What do you think?

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Comments & Discussion:

Go with annual, saves some asshat diatribe dialogue and also, you know, makes life easier for you CM.


Concur, just make it the "X" annual instead of having a year or perhaps go to a Super Bowl style numbering system. Trippie Awards VI......

Kind of like option 2. Makes life simpler even us dummies can figure it out lol. By the way congratulations on your efforts. I really enjoy this forum and exchange of information, tips etc. Keep up the good work.

Another vote for Option 2...

Once again you will have a major opening in Dec (Cosmo). You might want to consider shifting the timing of the awards so that new properties are open a couple months before the voting. Because we had so many openings/changes this last year (CityCenter, GN Rush Tower, HRH paradise and suite towers, PHo Tower, Encore Beach club, Trop), why don't you shorten the cycle this year and begin voting in another couple months.

I'd leave it the way it is. The current system gives readers almost a full year to get out there and see the new openings. And it looks like this might be the last year this is an issue, for a while, anyway.

Change the name to shit our readers like in Vegas this year

keep it the way it is. how often are casinos opened in december? yes, i know it happened the last 2 years, and again this year, but that is the exception, not the norm. besides, a few weeks of being open shouldn't count for an entire year when everyone on staff is all happy-to-be-here, as opposed to 6 months in, when they all become jaded and you get a more natural reaction.

What's a "trippie" is that something you have when you get the brown acid? I like option 2, but do the confusing Superbowl style numbering like Vespa said so it confuses guys like me. Or even better do it in metric so us Canadians feel like we are in the loop!!!!

I like the third option so that it looks more current.

I'd call the next one the 2011 Trippies. And the minute you announce the winners, rename the 2009 Trippies as the 2009-10 Trippies so that you don't get emails from people looking for the 2010 winners. It gets complicated, man.

I think you should develop and adhere to an alternate calendar system. For example, the baseline could be the first time Steve Wynn closed on a piece of property in Vegas, or the last time Elvis or Sammy Davis Jr. played there, or -- since it's your page -- the first time Chuckmonster ever came to Vegas. The months and days could remain the same, only because that would get tedious stylewise and would only be funny for about a month (or whatever the new unit was called) or two. Then Karen S. would really be confused. "What the heck is Anno Steve 47 Trippies, you jerks? I searched and searched and now I don't even know what it means!"

I think you should just shut the whole website down because it sucks so bad. :-) j/k j/k

Rename the Trippies, change them to Tryppcore, have them on a stand alone server that even Karen can find, and in honor of the new name, make sure it takes 10 minutes to load......and only on months with a full moon.....and only if you feel like it....and only if Karen approves....HELL NO, this is the best website on Vegas, period! Go with option 2 if it is really that damn confusing, but otherwise, job well done! Stay thirsty my friends.

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