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You Got Some Vegas On Your Cuff

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 28th May 2010 4:33am
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Hate smarmtastic greasy douchebags and all the glittery silk screened Affliction gear? Do something about it. No, don't "spill" a glass of wine on 'em or put your cig out in the pocket of their Ed Hardy Jeans or point and laugh... ignore them and walk right past.

Ask anyone. There ain't nothing like walking the casino floor dressed to the natural nines in a sharp suit, polished shoes, a clean pressed shirt and no underwear killer tie. Not only will you look like a million bucks, you will feel like a million bucks and everybody will look at you and treat you like you are a million bucks... which you ARE.

The problem is... a million bucks actually ain't that much money, baby. By simply adding a French cuff shirt you triple your worth in the form of accessorizing a little bit of your personality on the end of your sleeves.

Cufflinks. No, I'm not talking about Rocky Balboa's stinky ass turtles. I'm talkin' about little metal things that hold your cuffs closed way better and cooler than any production line plastic button every could.

Just imagine, reaching down to grab the dice and flashing your own pair of dice cufflinks, proving to everyone at the table that you're serious about your game.

Dice cufflinks are just the tip of the iceberg.

The fine folks at CuffLinks.com have a whole section of their website devoted to gambling and Las Vegas related cufflinks. "Little Blind / Big Blind" for poker players... just make sure you wear them on the correct sides! Working 00 Roulette tables with odd numbers on one arm and even on the other. Dice cufflinks with red crystal dots. Vintage slot machines. "Lucky" cufflinks. Las Vegas Sign, $100 casino chip and a "City of Las Vegas Storm Drain" manhole cover! How awesome!

If only they had the "On / Off" craps puck cufflinks I would truly be in heaven.

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Comments & Discussion:

I wanted a jeweled belt buckle that says Las Vegas on it. It'd look great with a black corset top and gun high heels that I can barely walk in.

Those roulette cufflinks are a little nicer than the pair I bought a few years back. Mine only go up to 19 and the single zero is not green and looks less like a roulette wheel. I've gotten compliments on them while out in Vegas.

Here's the perfect Vegas tie:


For some reason to me this seems like the perfect Vegas belt buckle for RockChickX51:


@Vespajet - I think it needs more flash, like neon for RockChick to wear with what she described

@RockchickX51 - does drinking help you walk in the boots? Cause I have problems with my high heels too....... *insert yer own ewwwwww joke here*

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