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How To Blow $11k at Encore In 40 hours

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 26th May 2010 5:38pm
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One of our friends told us recently that he spent the weekend at Encore and in process dropped about $8,000 over two nights at XS and just shy of $11k from Friday evening to Sunday morning.

Y'know what they say... "receipt or it didn't happen."

Unfortunately, he's still looking for the itemized receipt from XS which lists out every $25 Red Bull and $12 bottle of water - which were repeatedly stolen from their table by hot chix wigged out on E - plus insanely priced bottles of booze. We hold out hope that THAT document someday sees the light... until then, we've got this one. Read it and weep.

Encore folio reciept

Whoa. XS "Food" indeed.

Uhm. Two nights at Encore Parlor Suite - $1100 + $99 tax. Two days of hospitality costs, in room dining, minibar, internet and gratuities - $383.86. A bitchin' meal at Stratta for six, with booze - $1425. Two nights of partying at XS - $7,747.27.

Now you know why Encore Beach Club got built so fast.

Encore folio graph

The part that sticks in our friends craw is that after spending upwards of $10k on F&B and room charges he didn't get one single solitary room offer. If he had blown that $7.7k at a blackjack table or slots you know damn well his mailbox would be stuffed with promos and the cellphone would be a'ringing weekly with the lovely sounds of a Wynn casino host on the other end.

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Whoa! And, I thought my $550 dinner for four at SW was over the top.

It's too bad Wynn hasn't connected its Red Card to the clubs. Hopefully with Harrah's & MGM Mirage revamping their respective players' club programs to include non-gaming spending like shopping and clubbing, we can start earning points on this. I hope Wynn considers following suit.

Otherwise, well... I told you so. ;-)

These clubs make BIG MONEY! The casinos wouldn't bother if these clubs weren't helping them get back on the road to profitability.


Must have been some major booze, cause as Wynn goes, Stratta is rather reasonable as I recall. I really hope Wynn does start to look at total spending when it comes to comps. I don't tend to gamble much, but I do spend a lot on food, shows, spa, etc. I spend thousands of dollars a year at Wynn also, and never get anything comped.


"Must have been some major booze, cause as Wynn goes, Stratta is rather reasonable as I recall."

Well, I can see how it happened. Assuming there were at least a couple major league carnivores in the group, let's say the food averaged to about $100 per person. That makes $600. Add a couple bottles of wine, and the total can easily go up to $1,100. Finally add tax and tips, and we have ourselves a $1,425.24 bill for a full meal for six.

"I don't tend to gamble much, but I do spend a lot on food, shows, spa, etc."

Same here, which is why I also hope Wynn considers revamping its Red Card Players' Club to include dining, spa, and entertainment expenses. It's really not fair for us to spend all that money there and not get anything back just because we didn't drop that money on a blackjack table or in a slot machine.

You'd think they could at least comp the internet fee after all that? I hate being "that guy," but when you spend that kind of money there's no need for the silly nickel and dime charges. If you got the room for 150, ate and drank mostly off site, fine. But show some appreciation when somebody pays big time for the FULL experience here, and don't disrespect them with the BS fees that we all know are simply there as an additional income generator.

If he dropped that at the tables, he'd be getting the offers, and most likely a LARGE chunk of that comped.

I agree with brent, the charge that gets me is $13.99 for internet! You think they could throw that in!

I have found it is very difficult (without gambling) to blow through more than about $5k in a day (by myself and assuming I'm buying topshelf booze and staying out of the VIP rooms). Alcohol consumption is the key limiting factor. Even on a major bender, anything more than 24 drinks in 24 hours is very difficult. Even if I'm sharing a bottle at $450, 2 people cannot finish more than 2 bottles (even when starting fresh). A possible scenario would be breakfast ($35), morning spa treatment ($200), lunch ($100), afternoon at the Rhino or OG ($1000), dinner ($200), show ($200), club w/ bottle service ($500), working girl(s) ($1000), 4 cab rides ($150), with maybe 20 drinks @$20 ($400) and I would still be well under $5k.

HAH! At least I feel better now about what I thought was our overspending in Vegas! I am positive we have as good a time or better on much less and we do like to live it up. I read about the most expensive dinner for four in Vegas at $72,000.00. More money than brains comes to mind. And no perks? Forget it.

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