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The Ivey League

By JohnH on Wednesday, 26th May 2010 12:09am
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The Ivey Room

We know the news is a few days old, but we just wanted to bring everyone's attention to the fact that Aria's high limit poker area has officially been christened the "The Ivey Room."

To commemorate the event, the good folks at Aria decided to host a star-studded and poker world luminary-filled $1,000,000 invitational lovingly called... The Ivey League (Get it? It's a pun on the Ivy League. Why that has any relevance to Vegas or poker is beyond us). The Las Vegas Sun has all of the gory details of the tournament, which eventually culminated in the man with his name on the door taking home the $250,000 first place prize (Apropos, no?). We're going to spare you most of those details--you can read them for yourself here - and instead make really bad Animal House jokes, take note of Shannon Elizabeth's role as Bobby Baldwin's arm candy, the fact that Aria's poker room still hasn't supplanted Bellagio as the epicenter of Las Vegas poker, and perhaps all three at the same time.

First, looks like Bobby Baldwin has found his way out of Double Secret Probation and into Shannon Elizabeth's arms. I mean, check out the ninth picture on the Sun's slideshow. Looks like Bobby B. found himself a regulation nine-foot panty-raid ladder and ended up with the foreign exchange student from American Pie on his arm for a night. Oh, the irony of competing teenage film references is delicious.

[Also noteworthy, actress/poker player Jennifer Tilly puckered up and flopped a pair - Ed]

Moving on to a more serious note, the use of Ivey's name looks like it's ended MGM's hopes of moving Bobby's Room and its associated high-limit action to their "flagship" property. Yeah, Ivey's name has the celebrity, but it looks like Bobby's Room will keep the action and cultural perception as the place to play in Las Vegas for the foreseeable future. Caveat: After Rounders was released, we all thought that Mirage would keep that distinction until the end of time, so anything can happen...

Alright, enough serious commentary on the goings-on of high end poker and time for more tasteless Animal House cracks. So what's the over-under on some sort of celebrity-hosted toga party being held in the Ivey Room in the next month?

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