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The Mayor of Main Street Station

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 20th May 2010 4:45am
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Lust. I've got it bad. No, not chix, or fame, or riches. I want to hit a jackpot big enough to get my photo taken with a gigantic cardboard check goddamn it.

For casino cardboard check lovers, prOn does exist in the form of a greasy quarterly mailer, filled to the gills with (mostly) Hawaiians wrapping fetish worthy cardboard checks in easy smiles and the spirit of aloha.

The Main Street Gazette.

While pouring over the latest editions, I stumbled across one gentleman smirking fiendishly over a spade royal flush that paid him $2,543 bucks. Oh, and he also had an origami dollar bug crawling on his forehead.

Vincent Tanodra Jackpot!

I can't help but think that I really wanna party with this guy... Mr. Vincent Tanodra of Las Vegas, NV.

Further investigation into previous issues shows that Vincent is quite the Video Poker shark... he's made his way into the Winter 2010 Edition and the Fall 2009 Editions of The Main Street Gazette with wins of $1,533 and $2,734 respectively.

Vincent Tanodra Jackpot!

From the looks of it, Vincent has located a bank of Double Double Bonus Poker machines that like to spit out Royals... and origami dollar bugs. Fuck Foursquare, Vincent Tanodra is the Mayor of Main Street Station... and I've got to find those machines stat.


Comments & Discussion:

Vincent also appears to have crafted a Thermos from duct tape.

And he's got his sunglasses on, so the video poker machine can't get a read off of him.

I am offering a $20 CAN reward to the first person to spot Vincent when we are on Fremont in June!

Winter 2010? Vinnie=time traveler!!??

@saharalv Isn't the first 2 and 1/2 months of the year still winter?

Using my "Touch Of Gold" newsletters from the Golden Nugget as an example:

Winter: January/February/March
Spring: April/May/June
Summer: July/August/September
Fall: October/November/December

Fair enough.
But do any of you have hard proof against the time traveler theory?

@saharalv, when we meet him in June we will ask if he was a time traveler and if his choice of vehicle is a Delorean or a hot tub

Maybe it's the shades, but this guy is starting to freak me out. He looks like a devil character out of an old Twilight Zone episode. New posts, please!

Just because Vincent is seemingly able to levitate his bull's penis walking stick doesn't mean he's the devil. A minor demon perhaps, but not the devil.

@drake sorry bub. took the weekend off to go camping. back now.

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