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Overbooked Wynn Turning Away Customers With Reservations

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 19th May 2010 3:15am
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The Las Vegas Sun has posted an interesting story about a fellow tourist whose four-months-in-advance booking at Wynn Las Vegas was rescinded by the hotel after employees realized that they had overbooked the hotel for one of the dates of her trip.

The hotel, seeing occupancy levels over 100% contacted the woman and gave her two options:

...be relocated to a neighboring hotel at our expense or to enjoy a complimentary visit on a future date.

Getting bumped during travel used to happen pretty regularly on planes... you accept the bump off the plane and get XYZ frequent flier miles, put on the next plane to Nebraska. On one flight from Los Angeles to NY, an oversold airplane got me bumped up to first class where I drank the plane dry.

So I ask you... if you were in this tourists position, having booked February 8th for a May 21st arrival and received notice from your hotel that you were being bumped a week before your trip... what would you do?

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Comments & Discussion:

I would most definitely take the comp night somewhere nearby. The rules are that it should be a "comparable" property! Oh, and don't forget my 1 free long distance phone call!!

This happens in Atlantic City all the time. We went down to AC for my father's birthday and were booked at Trump Plaza. When we get there we are told we don't have a room even though we have a confirmation #. We were moved to the Trump Marina and all we had to pay was the room tax of $24. Not too bad, but we did not want to be in the Marina District. What else could we do? It was still a good trip, but we no longer stay with Trump in AC.

I'd take the comp at a property nearby. I don't think I'd even care if it was in comparison to the Wynn because it would be free.

I'd take the comped room elsewhere, but if I were a first time visitor to Wynn and had no allegiance to it, I'd not return. The Sun story says they're being moved to Trump for a night. I don't consider Trump a comparable property; no casino, not much energy there, no memorable restaurants.
I consider Bellagio or even Palazzo comparable properties.

I would accept the offer of a neighboring hotel--provided it was equal or superior to the Wynn, and at the same price I paid for the Wynn. I certainly wouldn't accept being bumped to an inferior hotel or having to pay extra. If they overbook, they need to pay the price for that, not the customer.

Nice gesture for sure, but if I had booked Wynn, then Trump would not be an acceptable alternative for me either. Bellagio, Mandarin Oriental, Pallazo, Venetian, or one of those corner suites at Aria would do, thank you.

Horrors and MGM Mirage will just bump you down to one of their cheaper properties. I've read of people getting bumped out of MGM Grand into Excalibur instead, and THAT's an insult.

It sounds very strange to see a hotel calling up people two weeks before their arrival date to say they are overbooked and they need to be reallocated or get a complimentary stay on a future date. Hotels usually overbook according to no shows and last minute cancelations forecast. Wynn was either waaaaaayyyyyy overbooked, or they simply bumped her (and other guests) after realizing they could sell those rooms on a much higher rate.

I'd insist they put me up at Mandarin Oriental and provide car service for the duration of my visit. Free access to the Spa at Wynn or Encore. Hell, throw in those Le Reve tickets, too.

Better to get a call ahead of time than to find out when you arrive.

Mistakes happen. Sucks for sure but I'm surprised this made the paper. Sounds like WLV tried to do what it could to help these people out.

When Encore was opening, I got a call just like this. They were still able to accommodate me but not in the type of room I had booked months in advance. I never got a straight answer but it sounded like the room I had booked should never have been allowed to be sold online in the first place.

When you have multiple parts of the operation selling rooms (i.e. online, casino marketing, etc...) these things are more likely to occur. Who knows, their yield management / booking system could have gone haywire.

Following up on LeoNYC's comment, if the Wynn rep said she had to call hundreds of people, I think Wynn got a high paying group deal they couldn't turn down. Either that, or a large number of high rollers all decided to be in Vegas Saturday, May 22. Profitable groups or high rollers trump tourists any day. There is an 11,000 person convention at Sands that weekend which may be important to Wynn: Hospitality Design Group Expo.

Yep, I go with John D here and insist on Mandarin Oriental and some free spa at the Encore. Good call.

Definitely better to know before you arrive than having to deal with it at the check-in desk. However, I would NOT consider Trump to be a comparable property. Wynn should not only comp the room at Trump, but also provide a comped future stay at Wynn.

Because seriously, folks. We all know that being put up at Trump is just a slap in the face.

This would explain why Steve was sitting with Trump at the Miss USA contest. I would have preferred a room at TI (at least there is a casino and you are on the strip). I cannot imagine Steve would risk the public fallout if he just wanted the rooms to be booked at a higher rate (and he would lose money anyway with the comps). I wonder if he has this problem for more than just one weekend?

I would be pissed and now I am nervous about my visit to Encore (thru southwestvacations) in three weeks specifically to visit Beach Club and Sinatra. They better throw-in free limo service between Trump and Wynn, because that walk is probably 20 minutes and it is always a wait for a cab at Trump.

wynncore sold out of resort/panoramic, and perhaps tower/exec? jesus. certainly good news for them.

mandarin only has 392 rooms.

wonder what happens to people that have salon/fairway/apt booked...

my last comment was referring to if they overbook those categories. maybe they dont? but then were also talking about priority force outs here. (groups/whales)

what is kind of funny here is that mandarin oriental has a new thing for guests booking through preferred travel agencies where they GUARANTEE the guest a room. ("no walk" policy)

Well I wouldn't act like that police chief at the Flamingo check in desk in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas".....

I would be likely to just cancel my reservation completely and take my business elsewhere. If they really wanted to put them up at a comparable property, Trump is definitely not. I doubt Wynn Resorts would put their guests up at a competitor (Trump doesn't really compete to a huge extent. If you're stayed at Trump and want to gamble, Wynncore is the nearest place.).

I've heard about those infamous MGM Mirage downgrades. I was out there in 2004 when they had the blackout at the Bellagio and they put some of those folks up at Excalibur as well as Circus Circus (Now that's an insult.).

just checked may 22 - its saying NO avail, which means tower sell out too

theoretically since these arent shown online, they might be avail >
- wynn 1/2BR upper floor fairway
- encore 3BR duplex
(wynn ground floor fairway, wynn apt villa, encore penthouse = not bookable)

adds up to >
4691 booked
40 unknown
19 not bookable

The problem is that they're bumping someone who booked months in advance. Shouldn't they bump the person who booked last? It seems like they found themselves accidentally overbooked (it does happen) and decided to boot out the ones who had paid the least and/or had no gaming history. I'd love to do that at my hotel - overbook a spring weekend by 100 rooms and then cherry-pick who I wanted to boot.

In most public places, calculated use of the 40/50 rule, ( that being out of every 50 words, 40 make Carlin's list of " things you can't say on TV " ), but then again, on a list of 4000 plus people, they { Wynncore } probably KNOW who is going to drop what in the casino, and on said list, I would be 3700+ places down. But imitating Eddie Murphy's speech in the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire would be fun....
Just like getting bumped from a flight or shopping in Mexico, its all about how well you can bargain.

I think detroit1051 is right. There's no reason to do this unless they booked a late group deal that suddenly blocked off a large group of rooms.

Personally if I was bumped and opted to reschedule my trip, I would ask for something a little more interesting than Le Reve tickets. A cabana for a day or suite upgrade would keep me satisfied.

Well, I'd definitely take the comp offer for another hotel... So long as I get to make the final decision! Since this is Wynn's fault, the wronged consumer should have a chance to ensure one stays at a comparable hotel. (And no, Trump does NOT fit that bill.) If I had booked a regular Wynn room or Encore suite, I should at least be able to pick an Aria, Bellagio, Venetian, or Palazzo room as a substitute. And if I had booked a Wynn or Encore Tower Suite, I'd accept no less than a similar Aria Sky Suite or Mandarin Oriental suite.

I could understand if Wynn had a glitch in its reservation system that caused the overbooking nightmare... But the least they could do is give the wronged guests a real chance to make it right by letting them pick a similar 5-star hotel room/suite.

"She said the person who called informing her of the early exit said she had to contact “hundreds of people.”"

thinking about this more - (if true) seems kind of odd...

I'm going for Memorial Day, with a major event, and haven't heard a word about overbooking. This makes me worry a bit.

But upon thinking on this a bit more, this kind of thing seems to be happening now that the recession is turning around. Wynn always undersold to stay full, and maybe now that their summer outlook is turning tenfold, plus the ECB opening, this kind of thing may happen and even less be logical.

I can't agree with the terms however. I would ask that they send me somewhere in line with Wynn offerings. Trump is not, been there, will never do that again. It reminds me of Vdara, only even more remote and even more blah.

Thinking about what might happen hearing this, although doubtful because booked through a host, we have four suites booked at Encore for the Memorial Day opening of the Beach Club. If, which I doubt, but IF that phone call comes for me, you better be damn sure I'll be demanding either an upgrade to a villa for the whole group, or relocation to the following in this order:

1. Mandarin Oriental
2. Aria Sky Suites (Sorry, regular rooms just do NOT compare to Encore.)
3. Bellagio (Salone Suites or Tower Deluxe Rooms and up only.)

Oh yeah, and a comp table reservation for 10 at XS. And a comp dinner for 10 at SW. AND a comp to Le Reve for 10 in the Champagne Circle.

THAT would seem about square, considering I've had this trip booked for well over 100 days.

Overbooking is NEVER acceptable.

Tirade rescinded. That's why I love Wynn's twitter feed. Secure reservations. :)

I'd probably take the free night at a nearby property. If I am going to Vegas, I am probably going out there to meet up with other friends. I wouldn't want to miss out on that. Only if I wasn't meeting up with friends, would I consider a free future visit at Wynn. And maybe only if they bumped me up to a nice suite.

This happened to me at the Anaheim Hilton a few years ago. I had 4 rooms booked 8 months in advance.Confirmed 2X week of my trip,and when my party arrived at 10 a.m.,we were told hotel was oversold.I had stayed at this hotel once a year for 15 years and was bumped anyway.They tried to put us at a cheaper hotel,I flipped.I argued with them until they offered us the Marriott across the street and they picked up the tab for all 4 rooms for the entire trip.I have not stayed at the Hilton since and now only do business wth the Marriott.I would not give a hotel that bumps me a chance to do it to me again so they would lose a customer for life.I would not accept Trump as an alternative.

blackjacker1979, youre aware of horrible skysuites reports? although MikeE reported good alcohol in lounge.

re bellagio its interesting i know someone with high service standards that considered front desk in bellagio suite lounge better than wynn tower.

And here I thought they were struggling to get Las Vegas up and running again after the recession. Sounds like it's back in spades. Overbooked sounds like a Wynn win. And I was coming down to do my bit for the local economy. Hah! Guess they don't need me anymore.

Friends of mine at Wynncore Tower Suites have said that while this tends to happen occasionally, the people most susceptible to getting screwed are those who book themselves directly with the hotel. Partner booking (Southwest, etc.) and those with history (both in play and hotel loyalty) are also in a strong position. The strongest reservations are ones made through a host followed by American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts (a *very* lucrative relationship that they'd never want to hurt). Explains why during the Encore opening fiasco when dozens of Tower Suites reservations were bumped down, the two I booked stayed intact.

Oh great. I'm booked there from May 27 through June 1 through a dirt cheap Expedia rate that I paid in full in February. If I get bumped all hell is going to break loose.

I understand that over bookings happen but bumping someone who booked in February is RIDICULOUS. I'm sure there have been reservations made after February.

i wonder how virtuoso compares to amex from their perspective.

because wynn has certainly thrown a lot of free nights at platinum and centurion cardholders.

Well, I know it's been as busy as I can remember. Even the tee times were getting full, or so I was told. That is hard to believe. My Parlor Amex Platinum FHR reservation should be ok according to Mike as I am a 15-20 time TS guest and a (lower) rated player. Of course if I were to get bumped, I'd get Trump. Yea right. Not going to happen. Bellagio Cypress or MO.

If anyone has any questions about their reservations I recommend you contact them personally to ask them a question. I didn't, but they caught wind of my twitter feed and sent me a message assuring me my upcoming reservations are fully secure.

Also, if your Expedia rate is prepaid, you're good. Those rooms are sold en masse to Expedia who resells them to you. You own the room for that night if you paid for the reservations through them.

I would have taken the free room for the night but not at Trump. I would have also insisted on a free dinner at the Wynn or Encore and the comp for the later date because she booked the room well in advance. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode about reservations.

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