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The Palazzo's Prestige

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th May 2010 1:40am
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While we weren't looking, The Palazzo has added a completely new tier to their room offerings, code named Prestige. No, these aren't new rooms, but instead an offer to particular guests to upgrade their level of service to the Five Diamond tier with the help of a ginormous resort fee.

The linch pin of the Prestige package is access to Prestige Lounge, private check in (with champagne), cocktail receptions, continental breakfast (serve yourself danishes, fruit and coffee/tea) and other snacks plus a handful of other access points that other properties include with their resort fee - business center, wifi, fitness center and the pool.

Fortunately for us, the Palazzo folks love to list out their amenities in comparison friendly bullet points. Below you will find the Palazzo Luxury and Palazzo Prestige Luxury offerings with their dots connected where applicable. Keep in mind, that there is no such thing as a "Palazzo Prestige Luxury" room, you're going to get the same "Palazzo Luxury" room, but with access to "Prestige" perks.

Palazzo Prestige

A quick quote of prices for various dates in May show that the "Prestige" level tacks about $100/per day to standard room rates. For three days trip, you'll pay ~$300 more for champagne check in and access to light snacking fare and beverages inside the Prestige Lounge, a newspaper, free local phone usage, turndown service, WiFi and getting someone else to unpack your bags for you.

So is it worth it? Or is "The Prestige" a $100/day illusion?

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Comments & Discussion:

So that's how they're paying for their new TV commercials.

They have TV commercials? I don't think I've seen any TV commercials for these properties since the old Venetian commercials on their CCTV that are so old that they don't even include the Venezia tower.

I've seen some of the Palazzo comnmercials on You Tube. Here are some from last fall.

whoa - is that the "RFB" lounge?
(as opposed to palazzo concierge lounge & bellagio exec suite lounge)

or wait... did they just change how they sell "concierge" accommodations...?


"I've seen some of the Palazzo comnmercials on You Tube."

And there are even more web ads (are these also on TV now?) on their YouTube page.


"did they just change how they sell "concierge" accommodations...?"

Yes, they just did. This is just The Venetian's "Concierge Level" remixed for The Palazzo... Other than they didn't even bother with a "Prestige Level" for The Palazzo, it's the same suites but with a few extra perks. And while the perks do look nice, I don't know if they can get away with charging an extra $100 per night for them. Other than some "prestige lounge" filled with goodies, I got nearly all the other amenities listed here when I stayed at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay (like comp'ed Wifi, comp'ed local calls, access to the fitness center, and a super nice set of slippers and robes) for only a $15 per night resort fee. And as much as I typically dislike resort fees, I'll take Mandalay Bay's new resort fee over this ripoff any day.

They're actually pitching "personal concierge assistance" as a perk? Are we talking about Michael Scott's idea of what concierges do, or what concierges really do?

Now, if David Bowie in character as Nikola Telsa is the concierge, that'd be one thing, but if you're paying $100 more a night just for someone to help you make show reservations, come on. Shouldn't every hotel at this level have that as a matter of course?

And I want to know what kind of "specialty pillow" is so special that you'll pay extra for it. Maybe I'm missing out on the finer things in life, but that's about the last thing that I'd insist on.

This adds free admission to the Azure pool ($20?) and the spa ($40?) to what was the concierge level access. For the last 9 months, they have been offering the concierge upgrade for $100/day. Also note the concierge upgrade does not give you a room on a separate/special floor. It's just the lounge that is on a separate floor. While the pool and spa access does improve the offer, it still doesn't pencil out.

venetian has venezia with private pool
palazzo (had) concierge, now apparently called "prestige"

Dave -

A pillow covered in carpet samples. Pick your casino and spend the night on their floor. :)

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