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The Comedown

By MikeE on Sunday, 16th May 2010 3:09am
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You park the car, lug your luggage to the porch, unlock the front door, step inside, plop down on the couch, and catch the last of the evening news. Home sweet home? So much has developed since the last time you had any contact with media... four days ago. Instead, you spent those days dining and drinking to your heart's content. Twice you witnessed the sun rise and yet, not once did you sleep past 10am. You napped at the spa, you napped at the pool, and you might have napped in the hotel room hallway at some point.

The stack of bills on your nightstand is a bitter reminder: work tomorrow, e-mails to write, and phone calls to make.

It's over.

Post-Vegas depression is something we all deal with and is actually a cause of anxiety for me the night before I head home. I loathe it, but over the years, I've developed ways to combat it the best I can. Most of us watch Vegas movies and are likely up to date on the podcasts - all of which are immensely helpful - but here are some of my favorite, less obvious tips to get you happy again.

  1. You're already quite the reader if you've made it this far. Now consider writing something. Write a review, a dining experience, or a whole trip report. Reliving the trip helps and reading about your own stupidity later is pretty fun.
  2. Always have a trip pending before you're back home. When you get back, take a look at your hotel confirmation e-mail and smile. As a bonus, I feel like I get treated a little better at check in when they pull up my last name and see a few future reservations pending.
  3. That lethargic first day home is poison on your mental state. To combat it, don't drink on departure day and spend as much time as possible at the spa instead. You'll be 100% by the very next day and might even feel like you had some semblance of a vacation.
  4. Consider adding on an extra day to trips that you've already booked. This may mean compromising down to four trips per year instead of the usual five, but I think it's worth it. The worst depression I get comes from my frequent Californian two-nighters. After three nights and four solid days, though, I'm feeling much better about leaving.
  5. Get on Twitter and follow people who go to Vegas often. Live vicariously through them. And even if they're not constantly in Vegas, the frequent discussions that spark are soul food enough. Don't know whom to follow? How about starting with our lovely staff?
  6. Come back home with money in your pocket. It's easier said than done, of course, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to win every time. Like most of you, I allow a daily gambling budget, but will never play if I'm not in the right mood and will instead find some other distraction. If it means that I'm away from the tables the whole day, that day's bankroll goes straight into the room safe and remains untouched until I'm ready to leave. It's not free money, but it definitely feels like it.

So there ya' go. Do these steps and you'll only partially feel like shit when you're back home. If you've got any tips of your own, leave a comment.

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Comments & Discussion:

Spot on! I do almost all of those things. I rarely make 2 night trips, because they are too rushed (and painful). I don't drink the night before I leave (maybe a glass of wine at dinner). I always put aside an emergency bankroll (so I return with some cash). I keep a checklist of all the places/things I've done during my stay (making this checklist the week before really amps up my enthusiasm for the trip). I try to hit the spa to flush my system. On particularly rough days (bad luck or hangover), I take a break by watching a movie in the room and ordering room service (this is when having a big tub is great).

great post. surely a helpful 6 step program for many.

3 - i will have to try that
5 - also learn/research in order to maximize stays, especially when short

make sure you take a day off between when you get home and when you go back to work. This goes for any vacation. nothing worse than driving home from the airport, saying "i have to be at work in X hours"

Agreed 100%, especially with booking next trip right away if possible.I can't even bring myself to change my watch back to EST for at least 2 weeks after I return from Vegas or LA.The winter trips for me are the hardest as coming back to miserable weather really gets to me.Thankfully this forum gets me through in between trips.

Unfortunately, the 2 night trip represents the norm for me. Great tips, so which I already follow and others I will try (e.g., having the next trip already scheduled). To these suggestions, I have a personal rule to never gamble on departure day; I am way more likely to chase a loss (or piss away a win) if I hit the tables prior to leaving town.

Love it. Some of my favorites on the list and my commentary.

1. Don't drink on last day or for early flights slow it down the night before. Spot on, nothing like flying with a hangover and if you are going back east, losing the 3 hours and full day for the most part only contribute to the hurt. Like the spa idea if you are departing later or going west or central.

2. Come home with money. Know what that $250 or $300 from your vegas budget upon coming home gets you, airfare for next trip. Makes you feel like a high roller.

3. Longer trips or taking an extra day when getting home. I'm a proponent of longer trips and usually did the whole extra day off, this year I changed it up a bit, instead of taking the extra day, change your dates around and make your week home have only 1 or 2 days of work before the weekend. You'll make it through the 2 days of work, save the vacation days and still have time to recoup on the weekend. Thursday through Wednesday or Friday through Wednesday or Thursday work nicely. If you can get a Saturday checkin, even better.

4. Trip reports and Twitter are a great way to be 'constantly' connected to Vegas, shameless plug here, but with 20+ days a year there, there is usually significant content and you can find me on jinxclev on Twitter.

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