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New Game In Town: Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 14th May 2010 1:10am
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Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker

Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker, a brand new game from the folks responsible for Three Card Poker, Rapid Craps, Rapid Roulette and those continuous shuffle machines, is on the verge of making its debut at Wynn Las Vegas, pending final approval by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Featuring head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet, Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker™ is the first table game to incorporate the card-reading capabilities of an automatic card shuffler into game play. Players and the dealer each receive six cards to make their best five-card poker hand, and when the dealer pulls his hand from the i-Deal® shuffler, the shuffler reads his hand and makes a bet based on the strength of that hand which is reflected on an LCD display embedded in the table. If the dealer’s hand is good, he bets a large amount, and occasionally the dealer will bluff and slow-play.

The game is essentially five card stud poker with Three Card Poker betting process, where everybody plays against the dealer. As expected, there is a twist. The dealer is a live table operator, but all of the dealers decisions are made by a computer built into the table. A device called an i-Shoe reads the dealers cards and makes action decisions based on a randomly generated matrix of four options (check, bet 1x, bet 2x, bet 3x) for given hands. Based on the actual Wager Matrix, published by ShuffleMaster, if the dealer holds "nothing", 35% of the time it will check, 51% of the time bet 1x (value bet), 6% of the time bet 2x (bluff), 8% of the time bet 3x (bluff its ass off).

For a thoroughly excellent explanation, including the full Wager Matrix and a proposed basic strategy matrix for players, definitely check out DiscountGambling.com. The Wizard has a detailed explanation of the Nevada rules and game process, plus a probability/payout chart for the optional "Aces Up" bet.

I generally stay away from carnival games at the casino, but the inclusion of random number generators in the dealers strategy, plus the possibility of seeing your friends get pwn'd by bluffing computer makes Dealer Bluff Six Card Poker incredibly intriguing.


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Wynn is getting into all sorts of new carny games. According to wizardofodds.com they also have a craps variation called rock and roll dice.

'Nuff Said dominoes can't be far behind!

Rock and Roll dice is at Wynn too accordint to one of the forum boards and the Wizard of Odds have the review posted.

oops Donnymac beat me to it. I like the idea of Rock and Roll dice.

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